Knitwear goes horizontal

September 06, 2012, Thursday/ 15:25:00/ ESRA KESKIN DEMİR

Knitwear, which we usually prefer to wear in spring, is now becoming part of summer collections as well because of its comfort and elegance.

Knitwear has long been a part of our collection of outfits. But now it is particularly indispensable for summer. In fact, knitwear is everywhere -- cardigans, dresses, skirts, pants, coats, hats, purses and nightgowns -- virtually anything, even swimwear.

Although some think that knitwear should not be worn in the summer because it is too hot, this view seems to have been abandoned. Otherwise, major fashion designers would not have taken such a risk and included knitwear in their collections. The truth is that knitwear keeps you cool in the summer and warm in winter. Knitwear is particularly practical if it is made of pure wool, silk or natural fibers. The only trouble with knitwear is that sometimes it can fray. But you should keep in mind that this is not a problem with items made with thicker, sturdier materials.

Let us take a look at the knitwear trends this summer. Firstly, I should mention Missoni and Sonia Rykiel, couturiers who prefer knitwear. As usual, Missoni's designs are colorful, but the sax blue color is dominant. Mustard and brick tones are also preferred in this season's designs. The most interesting detail of the outfits is how rug-like patterns are used as flounces at the end of collars and skirts.

Rykiel's collection is more attractive than Missoni's. It is as though the items in the collection come alive thanks to the cream tones that are accompanied by orange and yellow. Rykiel prefers horizontal lines in designs. This is actually a common preference among designers this summer; the new detail found in casual knitwear is horizontal lines.

For regular fit knitwear is a favorite

Knitwear takes on the shape of the body; for this reason, it is not preferred by conservative and modest women. However, knitwear dresses are made to be regular and casual. Casual designs with trapeze cuts appeal to young people. Three-quarter sleeves perfectly suit these styles. The only problem for conservative women is the short sleeve lengths in most designs. This style requires a sleeve extension; or to avoid any inconvenience, those who wear such dresses can also wear a long-sleeved shirt underneath. But in this case, you are unable to enjoy the breezy feeling associated with knitwear. It is possible, however, to find alternatives in Armine and Aker.

Roman, İpekyol, Zara, Mango, Herry and H&M make knitwear designs every season. İpekyol prefers to produce tops in red and grey tones, and is on trend this season with knit skirts with horizontal lines. Like Missoni, Roman uses flounces. Knit cardigans with asymmetrical details are combined with white blouses. Roman's knitwear collection, which features contrasting colors, includes a diverse set of items for every hour of the day.

H&M is a boon for those who prefer colorful items; the store offers a wide range of knitwear in different colors including yellow, pink, red, orange and mustard. Herry offers simple and elegant designs for working women. But if you are looking for more stylish pieces, you should take a look at the designs by İdil Tarzi, who is known for her expertise in knit design, or the collection by designer Bahar Korçan.