Gender-based violence claims lives of 2 women in Turkey

August 12, 2012, Sunday/ 16:39:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

Two women lost their lives as a result of gender based violence on Saturday in different parts of Turkey.

A woman who had been severely beaten by her husband six days before died at Mersin State Hospital.

A.Ü. had left her home after a quarrel with her husband, K.Ü., three months ago. They had briefly reconciled but after another argument, the husband brutally assaulted his wife. A.Ü. was taken to the state hospital in Mersin. K.Ü. managed to escape before the police arrived, and the police are still looking for him.

Meanwhile, another woman in İzmir died on Sunday after being shot by her ex-husband.

Tugay Koldemir went to his ex-wife's house in İzmir's Çeşme district to offer her a proposal to sell the house which they jointly owned. The couple had a disagreement over the issue, and Koldemir shot his ex-wife. The woman died immediately, while he committed suicide soon after shooting his ex-wife.

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