17 April 2014, Thursday
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PM's wife, Davutoğlu deliver Turkish aid to Rohingya Muslims

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10 August 2012, Friday /TODAY'S ZAMAN
Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and Emine Erdoğan, the Turkish prime minister's wife, on Friday visited Rohingya Muslims staying in the Banduba refugee camp in the Myanmar coastal state of Rakhine.

Apart from the United Nations, this is the first instance of foreign aid being distributed to refugees in need in the region by another nation. The Turkish Red Crescent briefed Davutoğlu and Erdoğan about conditions at the camp during their visit.

Turkish Red Crescent staff stated that there are 8,532 people sheltered in the camp and that there are currently 801 tents. The Turkish Red Crescent is delivering boxes of food.

When Erdoğan asked what the refugees' biggest problem was, Turkish Red Crescent officials said those in the camp struggle with finding suitable accommodations and suffer from malnutrition. Later, Davutoğlu and Erdoğan headed to a Buddhist camp and distributed more aid packages there as well.

Upon learning of the difficulties faced by Buddhists as well, Davutoğlu stated people all have equal rights and that he would like to see Muslims and Buddhists living together in peace. Davutoğlu also conveyed the best wishes of the Turkish people to the people of Myanmar and stressed that the Turkish Red Crescent came to help everyone and will continue delivering aid to the community.

According to official data, the population of Myanmar is 55 million, of which 90 percent are Buddhists and 10 percent are Muslims.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Prime Ministry Disaster & Emergency Management Directorate (AFAD) has stated that so far they have collected TL 3.4 million in their aid campaign for Muslims in Myanmar.

The AFAD thanked Turkish citizens for their support of their Muslim brothers and sisters suffering from civil war, ethnic massacre and poverty in Arakan region of Myanmar.

Buddhists intensified killing of Muslims after news of Turks visit

There are claims that the massacre of the Muslim population in Myanmar increased directly after news of the visit by Ms. Erdoğan and Davutoğlu was released across the country, the Turkish Vatan daily reported on Friday.

Official statistics say more than 1,000 Rohingya Muslims living in Myanmar have been killed and more than 90,000 have been left homeless due to the violent events that Rohingya Muslims have been facing since June.

According to the Vatan daily, the slaughter of Muslims intensified just before the high-level Turkish delegation visit to Myanmar on early Thursday.

American Salem News reported about a Myanmarese activist's letter which stated: “After hearing about the visit of the Turkish delegation here [to Myanmar], Buddhists ravaged the houses of local Muslims and killed dozens of people. We have never seen such horrors. Even the most talented directors cannot shoot this kind of [horror] scenes.”

With the massacres carried out in Myanmar over the past few weeks, a state of emergency was declared in nine regions and a night curfew was enforced from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. in certain parts of the country with a large population of Muslims.

Following the bloody ethnic massacre, Muslims in the Arakan region have fled across the river between Myanmar and Bangladesh although Bangladesh authorities have refused to accept any more refugees into its territory because the country is not able to cope with a further influx of refugees.

Bangladesh is already feeding and housed around 500,000 Rohingya refugees. Was it not be very good if the Turkish delegation bring few Rohingya refugees with them in the same aircraft? To my understanding, this would earn more name and fame for the current Turkish government in power.
Its indeed a wonderful gesture from turkish government and its people. Long live the current Turkish government. They best government the Turkish people had in over a century :) Even here in India, donations have been collected in 1000's of masjid's after Friday prayers!! may Allah reward everyone ...
Hussain Ahmed
" There are claims that the massacre of the Muslim population in Myanmar increased directly after news of the visit by Ms. Erdoğan and Davutoğlu was released across the country " Every subject that the turkis FM involved turned to fiasco.
Ben Yacob
if only we could do more
turkic voice
Dear all Turkish friend, selamlar! First I humbly request to you all please forward my message to all member of Turkish parliament, foreign office all appropriate person. How can we Rohingya believe The Burmese government is sincere with Turkish delegation who visited Arakan state Burma 10 of Augu...
Long live to Turkey and Erdogan Goverments. Dont allow such things like CHP to came in power!
Albanian Ottomanist
@Equal the problem with most Muslims is that they are too fundamental that's why others don't sympathise with us because we show no respect to there customs and believes. Non-Muslims like to drink alcohol and dance till dawn and wake up in the morning and have a bacon sandwich but in the eyes of mos...
Today evening at 17:00 an earthquake as big as 6.2 rishter shocked south Azerbayjan , Tabriz,Ardebil,Urmia and Zanjan cities in north west Iran.Reportedly Up to now near 50 people are killed and 500 are injured.Death toll are increasing. many people specially in villages under tons of rubble are hel...
Erdogan-Guney Azerbayjan-Tabriz
@ "Charity is not politics". You are writing that charity is not politics. I aggree with you on that. But then why are two (or one, depending on how we view Mrs Erdogan) there handing out the food? And even themselves in person? Should not a charity organization doing that?
Right people
Turkey leads the world again...champion of human rights. These actions make muslims around the world look up the Turkey with respect. You have won the hearts of billions of people around the world.
God Give Turkey More Strength Love and Respect it is a Good thing to do And God May Give us strength to Help Them too
Islam Means Peace
wow! thank you Turkey! :-D that is so wonderful. I am glad to see people care.
I am so happy to know about this effort in stopping this massacre in Burma. Evil (wars) can always be stopped by goodness, which Turkey is doing in this issue. They are an example for other governments to follow.
Shua e ilm
"Charity is not Politics". Tax payers and citizens who vote in democratice elections have the right to question her participation. If Michelle Obama was flying around the world (on not state visits) on her own distributing aid, all at American tax payers expense, I am sure some people would raise th...
Hypocrisy Policy of Turkish Politicians, I think it's clear for all world, The great question: Where are your tears on your bilateral brotherhood Nation (Kurd).
Vehêl E. Ebdulkerîm
I cried together with PM wife,Burmese traslator did not translate them accurately.If they understand the message of victims, they will cried more. it is heartbroken.
I wonder how Myanmar authority can allow and accompany turkey delegates meanwhile they are the party who support killings of Rohingya Muslims?
Shame on World media specially BBC, CNN on hiding the story.
Muhammad Irfan
May God's blessing be on Turkey!I read beauty of Ottoman Empire in the history, Turkish people could make a very good image, suppose we could make that image.In Sittwe, all Rohingya people said Turks are angels ,some said God created them very special, some Rakhine Buddhists said how can this angel-...
aung aung Oo
Alhamdulillah, great to see any muslim country is still care for other muslims. awake up other muslim countries"hold tite the rope of muslim brother hood and get together to resolve this issue(Burma's Muslim) Good on you Turkey MASHA ALLAH
Tahir Nawaz
Turkey Leads again to help the helpless Muslims. Proud of you Turkey. From a Pakistani Muslim.
Ahmad Usman
We Rohingyas people understand the position of the state of Turkey and its glorious aim to establish cordial relation for long run fraternity between Turkey and Myanmar. But, by president Thein Sein, it is very unpleasant and shameful to think over matter related during discussion with the visiting ...
Long live the current government of Turkey!
Whilst it is heart warming to see aid going to such a good cause and adheres to the true ethics of the holy month.It annoys me to see the AKP PM wife acting like she is the First Lady which she is not nor is she a elected official and also taking her daughter along for the vist the money for there t...
We LOVE Erdoğan family. WE LOVE YOU SISTERS.
Turkey keep it up, our heart is with you all the times. Muslims from all over the world highly appreciate your help.
Mr. Jensen, for you education. Charity is not POLITICS. If in your eyes that is the case than you should really start complaining about all politicians wives including Michelle Obama, Ms. Romney, Ms. Cameron and the list goes on. This is charity and in fact it is her duty to set an example to the pe...
Charity is not Politics
The time has long past for the world leaders to immediately act to control their populations. One cannot cull its population by killing or starvation, but one can control by birth control education and strict regulations. The world is getting more hungry and people of all religions are going to con...
Great to see Turkey taking the lead.Totally silent Arab states has a lot to learn from Turkey.
In a democracy the wife or husband of a politician has no possibility of being mixed up in political affairs.
Jens Juhl Jensen
Why is it stressed that the victims are Muslims? In my view all the people suffering (who are both Muslims and Budhists) are HUMAN BEINGS? WHAT IS THE POINT OF STRESSING WHICH RELIGION THE HUNGRY PEOPLE HAVE?
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