Not before we change

August 09, 2012, Thursday/ 17:02:00/ SEDAT LAÇİNER

In my opinion, the Arab Spring was an operation to carry out a controlled explosion of regimes which had expired in the Middle East. And it is no surprise that smart countries have manipulated or even led the developments in the region.

This is not something strange. What is strange, however, is the outdated state of Muslim countries. OK, I admit that the US occupation of Iraq was a complete disaster. Hundreds of thousands people were killed during the occupation. But was the Iraq of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein any good, really? Of course it is not acceptable that hundreds of thousands were killed during the occupation, but did more than 20 million Iraqis deserve to live in degrading and inhumane conditions? Or what about the inhumane “administration” of the Assad family since 1970? In this sense, the Islamic world has to come to its senses, because such a horrible scene draws every other unpleasant thing towards itself.