25 percent more people quit smoking during Ramadan

August 08, 2012, Wednesday/ 15:36:00/ ENSAR TUNA ALATÜRK

During the holy month of Ramadan, the number of people who quit smoking increases by 25 percent, according to the Turkish Thoracic Society.

Professor Sedat Altındağ, chairman of the Turkish Thoracic Society, explained: “People usually try to quit smoking on a specific day or during a specific period. And Ramadan is one of those special occasions people choose to quit smoking. During Ramadan, the number of individuals who quit smoking increases 25 percent.”

Altındağ added that since fasting includes refraining from smoking and thereby decreases the amount of time each day during which fasters can smoke, people smoke fewer cigarettes during the holy month.

Turkish Anti-Smoking Society Chairman Dr. Mustafa Aydın feels that Ramadan is the best time for individuals who wish to quit smoking to do so. “The eagerness of a person to smoke will decrease if they do not smoke for a month. Smoking during Ramadan [while fasting] is riskier. A person fasts all through the day, and when they break their fast at iftar [the fast-breaking meal], the circulation of blood through their body quickens. If a person smokes a cigarette after iftar, when the blood is already circulating faster, they cause the circulation of blood to slow down, putting pressure on the veins,” stated Aydın.

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