Syrian minister blames Turkey for state TV explosion

August 06, 2012, Monday/ 15:35:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi has blamed Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Israel for Monday's bomb explosion at the state-run TV and radio building in Damascus.

Al-Zoubi stated that he knew who the powers behind the explosion were, adding, “They have shown their cowardice with this attack.”

“We know which states politically and financially support these attacks. It can be Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey or Mossad, it does not matter,” said al-Zoubi.

Syria, which has been experiencing conflict since mid-March 2011, claims “outlaws, saboteurs and armed terrorists” are behind the unrest, accusing Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Israel of supporting the Syrian rebels fighting against President Bashar al-Assad's troops and fueling the insurgency in Syria

Syria also accused Qatar's Sunni Muslim rulers of funneling weapons and money to the rebels, who are considered terrorists by Damascus.

Tehran has also criticized Turkey and Qatar for supporting rebels fighting to topple Assad, a close ally Iran has praised for his promises to implement political reforms.

“Nothing can silence the voice of Syria or the voice of the Syrian people,” Zoubi said while inspecting the damage at the TV building. Stating that they would not stop broadcasting, Zoubi added that Syrian regime had thousands of locations from which to broadcast.

Zoubi said that the bomb blast had caused heavy material damage and minor injuries to employees.

The explosion was the latest in the Syrian capital, which has seen a string of suicide attacks and other bombings in the past few months as the country's civil war has escalated and the rebels grown bolder in their tactics. A bomb that exploded in the state security headquarters in Damascus on July 18 killed four of Syria's top security leaders.

Syria's rebels have become increasingly confident in recent months. In July, the rebels and Syrian regime forces fought intense battles for a week in Damascus in what has been the opposition fighters' biggest challenge so far in the capital.

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