Clearing up common misconceptions about fasting

August 06, 2012, Monday/ 13:32:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

Leading scholars of Islam say the following acts are permissible for those fasting and do not nullify one's fast: pouring water over the body and submerging the body in water; applying eye drops or anything else to the eyes; rinsing, gargling or applying topical treatment to the mouth (as long as one avoids swallowing any material that may reach the throat); injections, whether subcutaneous, intra-muscular or intravenous (with the exception of those used for the purpose of nutrition); anesthetics, so long as they do not supply nutrition to the patient; the drilling of teeth (prior to a filling); the extraction or polishing of teeth; and using a miswak (a tooth-cleaning twig) or a toothbrush, so long as one does not swallow any material that reaches the throat.

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