18 April 2014, Friday
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Tlas, Davutoğlu discuss post-Assad roadmap in surprise talks

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27 July 2012, Friday /TODAY’S ZAMAN WITH WIRES
Syrian Brig. Gen. Manaf Tlas, one of the most senior defectors from the Syrian regime and also a childhood friend of President Bashar al-Assad, held talks with Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu in Ankara on Thursday to discuss Syria’s future.

Davutoğlu and Tlas met at in iftar (fast-breaking) dinner on Thursday attended also by Hakan Fidan, the National Intelligence Organization’s (MİT) undersecretary, and Halit Çevik, a Foreign Ministry deputy undersecretary who knew Tlas during his term as Turkey’s ambassador to Syria. No statement was issued after the talks.

However, in remarks on Friday, Davutoğlu said he and Tlas had discussed at length plans for a post-Assad administration in Syria. “Nobody believes that Assad’s regime will survive,” he said in an interview with Kanal 24 television.

Before coming to Turkey, Tlas was quoted as saying he would try to help unite Syria’s fragmented opposition inside and outside the country to agree a roadmap for a transfer of power.

Tlas, speaking in a newspaper interview in the Saudi city of Jeddah, also said he was looking for support from Saudi Arabia and other powers. “I am discussing with ... people outside Syria to reach a consensus with those inside,” Tlas told Thursday’s edition of the Saudi newspaper Asharq al-Awsat. “I left [Syria] ... to try to help the best I can to unite the honorable people inside and outside Syria to set out a roadmap to get Syria out of this crisis.”

Tlas, a former friend of Assad’s who could play a role in any transition of power, told the paper he “did not leave Syria to lead the transitional period.”

“I realize this is a difficult phase ... It’s difficult for one person to bear the responsibility of such a phase,” he said. “A group [including opposition] from inside and outside Syria should cooperate to accomplish this phase.”

The general, a Sunni Muslim member of Assad’s mostly Alawite inner circle and a senior officer in the Republican Guards, defected earlier this month. “I will cooperate with every honorable person who wants to rebuild Syria, be it the National Council or the [opposition] Free Syria Army,” he said.

Tlas said it would be difficult to overthrow the president from within. “The structure and system of the regime makes a coup from inside very difficult,” he said, adding that he did not see a future for Assad in Syria. Asked whether Assad was calling the shots in Syria, he said: “They are the decisions of the circle around him ... He is not weak but there [are people] in the circle around him who played down the crisis to him, so he preferred to deal with it through a [security] framework.”

Assad is seeking to crush a 16-month-old revolt against his rule in which at least 17,000 people have been killed and which is now being fought out in the country’s two main cities.

Tlas said state institutions should be protected, in an apparent warning against a repeat in Syria of the US purge of Iraqi officials and state bodies after the 2003 invasion which plunged the country into years of anarchy. “There are many people in the regime whose hands are not covered in blood and they should not be removed,” he said. “We should preserve the national institutions in Syria and preserve the state and tackle only those who committed wrongs in handling the crisis.”

Tell me who is your friend and I tell you what is your state of mind! Don't be so sure, Mr. Davuto9glu that the "roadmap" will not discuss YOZ eventually!
@Israeli, how can a Semitic Arab be an anti-Semite, you probably mean anti-Zionist or anti-Israeli. Well if you are so correct to sum the alleged crimes committed by Tlass, can you also sum the crimes by Israel? We are Turks, we are always against anti-Semitism and Zionism. These things are not welc...
Can't take a 'General' with a haircut like that seriously! Looks more like a playboy from Marbella to me. Just another opportunist getting out before the crash occurs and hoping for a job under new regime (whoever it may be)
The Prisoner58
Is this tlass a man or a woman ???????????????????????????????????
Sometimes an approach like this works: he's known; may command respect from many groups; not too revolutionary to be like picking winners and losers . . . . But there is something about jumping on the bandwagon of the bad guy's best friend that makes you shiver.
Morse Fan
@Israeli: WTF...Again your antisemitc logic. first off all arabs are semites. 2. How many people killed Sharon in Lebanon, Netanyahoo etc. all your your recent leaders and military commanders should go on trial. Kin liability is the daily policy of Israel..
I am agree with @Israeli. They are all being antisemitic but pretending to be moderate. Not to be trusting any of them. Best let them fight with each other and leaving rest of world in peace.
@Israeli, and what's wrong in killing Israeli soldiers, its still less than what Israeli have done to others, when they are alive. A good Israeli soldier is a soldier who fights ... Ohh sorry there is no good Israeli soldier, its a contradiction of terms.
Also Tlass beleived the illusion that the final countdown for the end of Mr. Assad has started so he fled hoping to become the next President! He was licking Mr.Assad hand since his childhood, in Syria they his family is anti semitic and in France all their freinds are french jews. Their coherency c...
Tlass or T loss?
I read the item "Mustafa Tlass" on Wikipedia and was shocked. Tlass the elder was an open anti-semite, bragged upon decapitating Israeli soldiers in 1973 and killing hundreds of US
Any reason for not using the recent picture of the disloyal friend of President Bashar Al Assad? Pardon, forgive me, my mistake, I meant to say the general Manaf Tlass the son of the famous writer Mustafa Tlass, who wrote and published the book titled "Matzah of Zion " which could be considere...
Zahra Niknafs
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