Press Roundup

Press Roundup

(PHOTO: CİHAN, Murat Şişman)

July 25, 2012, Wednesday/ 16:47:00

Students from a school in Nevşehir inform visitors to Cappadocia about the historical region as part of a summer break assignment they were given by their teachers to practice their English skills.

Akşam: “We are different from northern Iraq,” said the headline of the paper’s major story, reporting on Saleh Mohammed Muslim, the leader of the Democratic Union Party (PYD). In an interview with the daily, Muslim said they took control of some Syrian cities and towns near the Turkish border for the Kurds’ protection. He said that they are not demanding full autonomy; what they want is democratic autonomy, which is different from the Kurdish regional administration in Iraq. He also added that they don’t want Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) President Massoud Barzani’s support; he said Kurds in Syria should solve their issues themselves.

Milliyet: “Beyond the gate,” said the lead story reporting on an exclusive report about the Syrian Bab al-Hawa border gate with Turkey. Syria briefly closed its Bab al-Hawa border gate with Turkey, apparently because of a military operation carried out by Syrian troops against a village near the border. The story said people living near the border gate are all frustrated with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad; they even removed Assad’s head from a poster that had always been hung at the gate.

Star: “One in four children in Arakan die before seeing the age of 7,” headlined a front-page story reporting on an interview with an exiled Arakanese leader. “Those who flee from atrocities in cities shelter in camps and live under very difficult circumstances there. But children in camps die before reaching the age of 7. Children die of hunger and disease,” he said. The trigger for the violence in Myanmar occurred in June, with claims that three Rohingya Muslims had raped a Buddhist woman. Following the allegations, extremist Buddhists started killing Muslims living in Arakan province.