Kuvayı Milliye planned special team to fight Kurdish mafia

July 19, 2012, Thursday/ 17:06:00/ NURİ İMRE

A witness who testified to an İstanbul court on Thursday in the Ergenekon trial said the kuvayı milliye (National Forces) Association had planned to establish a 1 million member motorcycle team to fight the Kurdish mafia.

Journalist Tutkun Akbaş was heard by the İstanbul 13th High Criminal Court at the 207th hearing of the Ergenekon trial. Ergenekon is a shadowy crime network that has alleged links within the state and is suspected of plotting to topple the government.

Akbaş told the court that the Kuvayı Milliye Association planned to establish a massive motorcycle team, which would be equipped with batons and radio transmitters to fight the Kurdish mafia.

The Thursday hearing was attended by 48 jailed suspects, including journalist Mustafa Balbay and retired Gen. Veli Küçük. Well-known Turkish actors Tarık Akan and Rutkay Aziz were also in attendance on behalf of the Artists’ Initiative.

Akbaş said he was informed about the Kuvayı Milliye plans thanks to an email he received when he was working for the Tempo magazine in 2006.

He said the email, which was sent to him by an email group, said that the motorized team would be established against the Kurdish mafia due to increased crime in the city.

Akbaş noted that the name of the mail group which sent him the email was “Special Bureau,” for which Erkut Ersoy, a suspect in the Ergenekon case, was responsible. He said he interviewed Ersoy via email and Ersoy admitted the existence of plans to establish the motorized team.

“He told me that the plan was made in cooperation with the Kuvayı Milliye Association. He said orders to purchase the motorcycles were given. He told me that Durmuş Ali Özoğlu [a jailed suspect in the Ergenekon case] would lead the motorized team,” Akbaş said.

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