Removable collars are in!

Removable collars are in!

July 19, 2012, Thursday/ 16:55:00/ KEZBAN KARAGÖZ

Collars are now designed to be removable, independent from the clothes they embellish. Baby collar models are especially striking. By wearing the same collar with both casual clothes and more classic or formal pieces, you can get a lot of usage from it.

What we call “style” is all in the detail. Trend forecasters believe fine details will become more of a focus in upcoming years. It is now possible to update your style with accessories without spending a ton of money to achieve a new look from head to toe. In this vein, summer has seen the rise in popularity of removable collars.

These collars instantly give an edge to an old ensemble. Louis Vuitton brought his own interpretation to the look with metallic collars; fashion houses such as Rodarte, Miu Miu and Chanel also used the collars to embellish their collections. As for street fashion, style bloggers gave the look character, some of their offerings so stylish that they surpassed the fashion houses. The fact that collars emphasize unique style is one of the reasons they have become so widespread in street fashion.

If chosen correctly, accessories can make your clothes appear brand new. By simply combining the same clothes with a different bag or shoes, you can change their impact at a stroke. In this regard, removable collars are a handy innovation. Different combinations result in different looks. One very popular combination, for instance, is wearing a removable collar with a denim shirt. However, there is still more to explore. If you attach an embroidered collar to a cotton T-shirt, it is suddenly transformed into an evening look. You can get more mileage from your collar by combining it with weekend-casual or nighttime-formal pieces.

The most expensive collar of the world

Surely the first name that comes to mind when you hear the word “collar” is Karl Lagerfeld. Everyone knows that the starched white collars are the trademark of the designer’s style. As such, he reveled in this season’s trend as interest and experimentation in collars peaked. He went all-out to create a collar as an art piece for “Brilliant,” a jewelry exhibition held in London. The collar, studded with precious stones and intricately worked, boasting 40-carat black diamonds and emeralds, is priced at 29,000 euros.

Hand-made collars

The brands moved quickly, as always, to take advantage of demand, and now removable collars can be found in many stores. Boutiques lead the way, particularly with their hand-made pieces. By visiting small boutiques, you may find more unique designs without paying a fortune. Boutiques of Galata are spearheading the mini-trend, with original designs at Laila for those who like to stand out. Social media sites spread the word about new models almost every week, and a good range is available on the blog of Serap Büyük Yılmazer (, or check out the online store Casette. As for designer Gönül Kolat, she has created an attention-grabbing line combining lace with pearls. Some collars are able to be worn as necklaces. There are many admirers of collars with intricate handcrafting.