16 April 2014, Wednesday
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Turkey strongly condemns Bulgaria bus bombing

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19 July 2012, Thursday / TODAYSZAMAN.COM
Turkey has strongly condemned a deadly attack on a bus full of Israeli vacationers in Bulgaria on Wednesday that killed seven people.

“Terror is a crime against humanity and can never be justified. We strongly condemn the terrorist attack in question,” the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Thursday.

Five Israelis, the Bulgarian driver and the bomber died in the blast, which Bulgarian officials say was a suicide bombing. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack. However, Israel has attributed a series of attacks on its citizens around the world in recent months to Iran, threatening to escalate a shadow war between the two arch-enemies.



Kack Jalpakian: `Yurtta Sulh, Cihanda Sulh` - roughly `peace at home, peace in the world` this is the official motto of Turkey...of course you can now say eehhh kurdish issue, eeeh sudanese issue...but we are not talking about a paradise like final condition - more understandable as a transition to...
@Dutch Turk, I find out for myself, that every time someone dies, you "The Dutch Turk" is the Only One that rejoyceS. You are an IDIOT.! O, O o,, did you know that I am a Turk telling you that=you are an Idiot! You have a radical ideology, that misleads foreign blogger about us. And you must be a sa...
not Dutch
Nothing Crypto here. Turkey does not take any action in its FP without realpolitik considerations, including condemnation. Why is Turkey not condemning the Sudanese government? Yes, it is a right to question Erdogan's sincerity given his record on things related to Israel and the Palestinians. L...
Jack Kalpakian
Levent, you got one thing right. That the bus driver wasn't chosen. It was merely unfortunate luck that he happened to be in that place at that time. The Jews unfortunately, were the ones who the suicide bomber chose to murder. That doesn't make the bus driver's death any less painful to...
Jacob Blues
Condolences to ALL the bereaved families of ALL the victims of this horrific terrorist attack. Prayers for the recovery of the injured and their families as well.
@LEVENT, as usual, you're telling lies. Israeli media noted the 6 killed, however, the difference is that the attack was targetting Israelis, not Turks. Read any newspaper from anywhere in the world, they are all saying, 6 were killed, but clearly that it was an attack against Israel, not Turkey, so...
@DutchTurk, you're a monster wishing only the Turkish victim to rest in peace as though the other 5 innocent people were the terrorists. You're a cold, heartless SOB. The Dutch made a mistake to accept garbage like you in our country. Your attitude to be fair, is the one all Muslims have, they do no...
Kack `brownnose` Jalpakian: your surname betrayes you... You are a crypto Armenian nagger who wants to deal with some real politics...even if Turkey / Israel have issues what has Armenia to do with it? You are reacting to the condemnation of Turkey.... silly, sad , stinky
This condemnation will not help reconcile Turkey with Israel. The Israelis now have classified Turkey as something worse than an enemy -- a false friend. Despite repeated warnings from the Americans, Turkey went ahead with actions it knew were likely to elicit a violent Israeli response -- it desi...
Jack Kalpakian
@Dutchturk, in the eyes of these ignorant Jews this bus driver was just a Muslim bus driver! I have watch TV from Israel and read all Israeli news about this incident and not a single mention about the Turkish bus driver who also died. HE WASN'T A CHOSEN ONE this pathetic ideology the jews have abou...
@Ramesh You are the reflection of Jewish media! 
Mossad and CIA already know the perp entered Bulgaria from Turkey.Revenge for the blockade running ship fatalities ? Not inconceivable
This is a horrible act, an evil act, and our prayers are with the familes of the dead and the injured, however untill Israel resloves the Palestenian occupation and stops acts of terror against others than Israel
we have not heared Turkey condemning the same day terroristic attack in Syria though! Even condemnation is selective in Turkey!
Why Turkey is still supporting Iran? If Turkey wants to be anti terrorism they must be against in Iran and Pakistan. And be friend with Israel again.
@Carmen och "Honest and Truth". Both Hamas and PKK are terror organisations. No civilized country should have any contact with them and should condemn all terror attacks carried out in the world. Regardless of nationality or religion. Isnt it rather simple?
Simple Sam
RIP for our Bulgarian-Turk busdriver that died during this coward attack.
Islamic terrorism at work, every second of the day in some corner of the world. Very peaceful
@Honest and Truth, Israel gives millions to PKK? Israel hosts PKK terrorist leaders in the PM's office? Israel gives refugee status to PKK murderers convicted of blowing up pizzerias and killing dozens? Israel sends flotillas to Turkey supporting PKK
@ Honest What makes you believe Israel supports PKK? You esteemed and lieing PM? Israel has got enough troubles with all the malicious folks around in the ME, she does not care about the PKK! And maybe you should try to stop your PM to send IHH terrorists over to Israel and then claim it on Israel w...
@ Carmen. That's right, blame this on Erdogan, blame all attacks throughout the world towards jews on Erdogan and Turkiye. Bad Turkiye for supporting HAMAS. Yet, it's fine when Israel and Jews support PKK TERRORIST? Jews never do no wrong. NEVER.
Honest and Truth
Turkey's fake condemnation that is. Erdogan and unfortunately many Turks, do not care when, why or where Jews are killed, that is why they support HAMAS. HAMAS has done hundreds of bus bombings like in Bulgaria, but Turkey never condemned such attacks, always putting the blame on Israel for everythi...
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