Press Roundup

Press Roundup


July 18, 2012, Wednesday/ 16:45:00

A project was launched to provide extra courses for local children living in tents on Erzincan’s plateaus, as they were forced to stop attending school when they moved to the plateaus for stockbreeding in the spring.

Habertürk: “‘Smartness saves lives,” headlined the paper’s major story, referring to a recent incident in which a fire that broke out in the 42-story Polat Tower Residence, a building that contains both residential units and businesses, in İstanbul’s Beşiktaş district on Tuesday morning, was extinguished thanks to the building’s smart compression system. The story said this was the first instance of a skyscraper fire in Turkey that was put out thanks to measures taken beforehand, to advanced technological equipment in the building and to the prompt arrival of fire engines at the scene.

Milliyet: “[CHP] turns its wheel to left,” read the headline of the daily’s lead story, focusing on the main opposition Republican People’s Party’s (CHP) 34th congress, which took place on Tuesday, with the party hoping to make significant changes to its top council. The congress, for which the party chose the slogan “Democracy and Change,” was marked by “leftist messages,” the story said. The hall the congress took place in was covered with posters of Che Guevara and Turkish revolutionary Deniz Gezmiş and banners reading “Only revolutionaries can achieve change,” “Rebellion, revolution and freedom,” “No to imperialism” and “Shoulder-to-shoulder against fascism.”

Taraf: “I swear Syria shot down the jet,” said the headline of a front page story. Following controversial statements from the Turkish state regarding a Turkish military jet that Syria admitted downing, the story said that Taraf obtained information from top officials in Ankara, saying the jet was definitely downed by Syria and that it was not an antiaircraft gun that shot it down. However, confusion emerged when the phrase “the Turkish military jet that is alleged to have been downed by Syria” was used in a recent statement by the General Staff.