Today’s Business at glance

Today’s Business at glance

July 13, 2012, Friday/ 17:02:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

Baklava, güllaç masters prepare for Ramadan

The world-renowned baklava masters of Güllüoğlu are counting on their time-tested recipes for baklava and Ramadan sweet güllaç to delight customers at the dinner table this Ramadan.

Güllaç - - a legendary sweet made from wispy layers of dough, filled with walnuts, pistachios and pomegranate and soaked in a milky syrup - - is Güllüoğlu’s most popular product during the weeks of Ramadan.

Turkey welcomes Toshiba’s newest laptop

Toshiba’s new Satellite U840W may be the most ideal notebook for movie-lovers yet to hit Turkish shelves, boasting a 14.4-inch screen and 1792x768 resolution, making it ideal for portable, widescreen movie viewing. The ultra-thin, ultra-wide notebook has a brushed metal finish and features a 32GB solid-state drive, 500GB of hard disk space and an Ivy Bridge Intel Core processor. For those more interested in portability, the U840W also has a smaller 14-inch screen cousin, the U840, which will also be available in Turkey starting this month.

Ariel capsule promises to make laundry easier

The makers of Ariel detergent say they have released a new gel capsule to markets that boasts added cleaning power and which can clean with colder water than conventional detergents. The company, Procter & Gamble’s flagship line of European laundry detergents, says their new detergents will change the way Turkey does laundry: Users will no longer have to decide how much detergent to add, but simply use a capsule.

Gas giant Total to expand stations in Turkey to 500

French multinational oil and gas company Total has said it will increase the number of gas stations it runs in Turkey to 500, a major investment that company officials say will be accompanied by bullish Turkish petrol sales over the next five years. Total, which has become one of the largest providers of gas in the Middle East and Africa, plans to expand the number of stations to 500 from its current number of 430 by 2018.

Ice Shark 2’s rugged performance for divers

Swiss watchmaker Edox has introduced its newest diving timepiece, the Ice Shark 2, a rugged watch designed to be water resistant up to 1,000 meters. The Ice Shark, a left-hand dive watch that sports a scratchproof ceramic bezel, is easy to read in the murky deep thanks to its luminescent markers. For the city bound, it also has a unique three-day date display that allows you see today, yesterday and tomorrow’s date.

Arçelik introduces Fullfresh refrigerator

Turkish home appliances giant Arçelik has introduced its newest line of refrigerators, which promise a low-moisture “no-frost” freezer and improved climate control for reducing energy usage. Arçelik says that the no-frost compartment allows users to escape the common problem of freezer burn, or damage to frozen goods from moisture. The new refrigerator also sports an air filtration system which keeps air inside its compartments free of dust and harmful particles.

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