Turkish press review

July 04, 2012, Wednesday/ 15:10:00

On Wednesday Turkish dailies mostly covered Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu's statements regarding Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's remarks regarding Turkish-Syrian relations, inflation figures for June, Turkey's nation brand value and a survey on the political outlook in Turkey.

“He Lies” read a Vatan daily headline, quoting Davutoğlu on Assad's statement regarding a recent incident in which Syria shot down a Turkish military jet. The Turkish foreign minister said: “Assad said they learned the plane belonged to Turkey after shooting it down. They knew it was a Turkish jet. We have voice recordings.” Davutoğlu added that Syria wanted to normalize relations with Turkey, but that Turkey could not accept this. The daily also quoted Davutoğlu as saying Syria's downing of a Turkish jet will not go unpunished.

Almost all Turkish papers reported on the most recent inflation figures, noting that the consumer price index (CPI) has dropped 0.90 percent and that the producer price index (PPI) decreased 1.49 percent in June. When compared to June 2011, the CPI rose by 8.87 percent and the PPI increased by 6.44 percent. On a 12-month basis, annual inflation was posted as 8.89 percent in consumer prices and 10.24 percent in producer prices.

Another topic that was widely reported on was a study conducted by brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance which found that Turkey was the 19th most valuable Nation Brand, valued at $487 billion. According to Brand Finance, Turkey is among the top 10 fastest-growing nation brands. According to group's Nation Brand study, Turkey boosted its brand value by $114 billion compared to last year, leaving Poland, Austria, Belgium, Greece and several other European Union countries behind.

The Sabah daily ran a story on a survey conducted in June by research group GENAR on Turkey's current political outlook. The study found that 51.1 percent of participants would vote for the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and 24.5 percent would vote for the Republican People's Party (CHP).