Turkish press review

June 29, 2012, Friday/ 14:07:00

On Friday Turkish dailies covered Turkey's deployment of troops, armored vehicles and missiles along the Syrian border; a National Security Council (MGK) meeting on Thursday and Leyla zana's meeting with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Saturday.

Commenting on tension between Turkey and Syria following Syria's downing of a Turkish military jet on June 22, almost all Turkish dailies reported that Turkey has deployed a large number of troops, armored vehicles and missiles along the Syrian border. The Hürriyet daily said that Turkey has deployed Stinger missiles along its border with Syria. Stinger missiles have a range of five kilometers and are used against jets and helicopters.

Turkish dailies also reported on an MGK meeting on Thursday. The MGK discussed the shooting down of an unarmed Turkish military plane in international airspace by Syria on June 22. A statement released on Thursday after the meeting said Turkey will act with determination against this violent act, reserving all rights granted it under international law. Members of the MGK also discussed recent developments in Syria and expressed the necessity of immediately stopping the bloodshed in the country and transitioning to a democratic process that would address the people's legitimate demands.

Newspapers also widely covered a meeting to be held on Saturday between Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan and independent deputy Zana from the southeastern province of Diyarbakir. Zana recently said she believed Erdoğan had the ability to solve the Kurdish issue. “I have not lost hope or faith on this issue,” Zana stated.