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Turkey will teach aggressors lesson, Erdoğan says

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27 June 2012, Wednesday / TODAY’S ZAMAN
Turkey has no intention of attacking anyone, but will “teach those who dare to test the limits of its might,” Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Wednesday as he introduced Turkey's first domestically produced training jet to the public in a show of the nation's increasing defense capacity.

Erdoğan did not refer to Syria directly, but his remarks came amid escalating tensions with Turkey's southern neighbor after an RF-4E Phantom, an unarmed reconnaissance version of the F-4 fighter jet, was shot down by Syria in the Mediterranean on Friday. “We will never avoid teaching a lesson to gang-run states that have no legitimacy in the eyes of their public, those who resort to state terrorism against their people and those who dare to test the limits of Turkey's might,” Erdoğan said at a ceremony in Ankara marking the primary and basic trainer aircraft HÜRKUŞ's first release from the hangar.

“We will never avoid teaching a lesson to gang-run states that have no legitimacy in the eyes of their public, those who resort to state terrorism against their people and those who dare to test the limits of Turkey’s might,” Erdoğan said at a ceremony in Ankara marking the primary and basic trainer aircraft HÜRKUŞ’s first release from the hangar.

“We will respond to hostile attitudes against us, attacks and threats in the strongest manner, using all the power and inspiration we derive from our history,” he said.

Erdoğan reacted strongly to Syria’s shooting down of the jet and warned Damascus in a speech on Tuesday that that the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) have been given instructions to treat any approaching Syrian military unit as a threat. Erdoğan also said that President Bashar al-Assad’s regime has become a “clear and present danger” to Turkey’s security. Ankara has long been saying that the Assad regime, facing a 16-month-long uprising, has been massacring its own people and that it has lost legitimacy, and insists that Assad should leave power. But in remarks following the jet crisis, Turkish officials have also rejected “warmongering,” saying Turkey will be measured in its response.

Speaking on Wednesday, Erdoğan said Turkey has no intention of attacking anyone. “We are investing in [the defense industry] to preserve peace and eliminate all threats against our unity and integrity,” he said. Turkey says the plane was hit in international airspace and without warning, while Syria claims the aircraft was well within its airspace and was flying fast and low when it was shot down by anti-aircraft fire.

The wreckage of the plane, which Turkish officials say is lying at a depth of 1,300 meters in the Mediterranean, is yet to be recovered. The fate of the two missing pilots of the jet also remains unknown. Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yıldırım said the helmets of the pilots were found during the search and rescue efforts, something that experts say could indicate that the pilots ejected before the aircraft crashed into the water.

Turkish defense industry on track for growth

Manufactured by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), the HÜRKUŞ can fly up to a speed of 574 km/h. It has a maximum stall speed of 143 km/h in landing configuration, and its take-off climb speed is 22 meters at sea level. The maximum service ceiling of the jet is 10,577 km. The HÜRKUŞ jet can fly at 15,000 feet for a stretch of four hours and 15 minutes and has a 1,600-horsepower engine. The aircraft also has a system producing oxygen for pilots while flying. The jet takes its name from Vecihi Hürkuş, one of the first civil aviators of the Turkish republican era.

Erdoğan described the TSK as “one of the oldest, most experienced and powerful armies,” adding: “And today we get to equip this powerful army through our own technicians and engineers and with the devices these people create. Turkey is becoming a country that has more power, expertise and determination in the defense industry every single day. We, as a government, will continue having a visionary stance in the defense industry and supporting this industry with determination.”

US praises Turkey’s ‘measured response’ over downed plane

A spokesman from the White House has said that the United States has commended Turkey’s “measured response thus far” over the downing of a Turkish military plane by Syria last Friday.

“We will work with Turkey and other partners to hold the Assad regime accountable and as part of our efforts to promote a democratic transition in Syria. We commend Turkey for its measured response thus far,” Jay Carney told reporters on Tuesday.

Carney said that NATO has determined the shooting down of the Turkish fighter jet on June 22 to be an unacceptable act by Syria, condemning it in the strongest terms.

“The United States and NATO stand in solidarity with Turkey. We will work with Turkey and other partners to hold the Assad regime accountable and to continue to push forward for Syria’s needed political transition,” Carney said.

“I would note that recent high-level military defections to Jordan and Turkey are another testament to the regime’s loss of control over the situation in Syria. It is clear, however, that Assad is desperate to hang on to power at all cost, as evidenced by his continued use of air power and Shabiha gangs,” he said.Responding to a question about whether US President Barack Obama was concerned that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s “strong language” could increase the risk of escalation of the tensions along the border between Turkey and Syria, Carney said he considered Erdoğan’s remarks “measured.”

“I think the comments were more measured … and as the North Atlantic Council made clear, this was an unacceptable act.  The United States remains in close contact in Turkey, with Turkish officials, as they continue to investigate the incident and determine Turkey’s response, including in the United Nations Security Council,” he said. İstanbul Today’s Zaman

@David, many governments did make change through peaceful means impossible in the past, and were guilty of assimilation policies towards the Kurds. But even that did not justify PKK's acts of raiding villages and killing dosens of Kurdish or Turkish villagers at a time, or placing bombs in public ar...
Avery """you threatened to send the Turkish Navy escorting the next Gaza aid convoy, and you also promised to be on one of those Turkish navy ships. We are still waiting. Turks are not so brave when their targets have the ability to hit back""" Your piece is a typical Armenian distortion like the fa...
john the turk
Turkey can be making a choice, either be on side of loser muslim countries, or give up on muslims and join Free World of West, Israel and India. If they want to be joining the Free World then they should not be friends with syria and iran and be supporting regime change in these countries.
David is contradicting himself again. He says "I am for total boycott (economic. political, trade, tourism, cultural and investment) of all Muslim countries and a total ban of Muslim immigration to the west and deportation of all Muslims from the West". This is from a man who is a champion of the Mu...
Theres a Turkish proverb, "ofkeyle kalkan zararla oturur" "one who stands up in rage, will fall down a loser" The zionists state is wishing Turkey and Syria make war. But as the PM said syria is ruled by gangs and thugs. Yes Turkey can take out syria in 1 or 2 days. But Turkey is showing maturaty un...
wise one
Turks are the world n.1 specialists in creating provocations. Seems their economy is really expiring some growth, if they sacrifice their jets...Now waiting for the NATO reaction, isn't it?? I'm more than sure the time will come when NATO will realize what a monstrous kid it's pregnant with, a shak...
Samvel Z. Harutyunyan
"How DARE you fly into our territory and not expect to get shot down! Who do you think you are; Israel?"
Threaten Syria with war for shooting down a fighter jet that encroached into their territory, while begging for apology from Israel for murdering Turkish civilians in cold blood over international water. What a hypocrisy!
El Habasha
Turkey, the new puppet of the US/NATO was taught the first lesson by Syria that downed the Turkish spy plane. More lessons to come.
"..whereas defenseless Kurds can do no more than kill afew unfortunate conscripts". Let's not forget the ordinary, innocent Turks and Kurds either.
I am waiting for a Turkish attack on an Israeli gas rig supply ship in retaliation for something. Erdogan knows that such machoism will be safe from reponse. The US and NATO won't tolerate retaliation. And Turkey can show how great is its military might. HAHAHAHAHAHA
Baran and GR, Tukiye has made a historical habit of conquering Syria. Turkiye took Iskenderun/Hatay at will and Syria told Ocalan to run to Italy just because Turiye said "boo".
The terrorists here forget that the PKK's main supporters are Russia (the PKK was established by Rusisia and the PKK gets it's weapons from them too).
Erdogans empty threats are funny. Turkey isn't going to attack anything but the PM must make threats so he looks strong.
Sounds like Erdogan is talking past issues with Syria perhaps as a threat toward Greek Cyprus or Israel?
I bet you that if Erdogan were the pilot of that plane, he would have flown over to Israel and taught the Israelis the lesson that they will never forget, just as he promised the Israelis, unless he has a plan for a more disastrous plan. We shall see!
PM Erdogan: sorry, your threat credibility is very low. If you recall, when Israeli naval commandos murdered (yep, I meant murdered) 8 Turkish citizens and 1 Turkish American, you threatened to send the Turkish Navy escorting the next Gaza aid convoy, and you also promised to be on one of those Turk...
Ah, but Israel can't teach lesson to the aggressors that kill Israelis first or the Turkish aggressors that kill innocent Kurds first. SOB.
This peasant Sultan is going to teach others a lesson? Don't make me laugh. DId you yet teach the Israelis, Greeks, Kurds, Armenians a lesson yet? Rather, they all taught YOU a lesson you big mouth, all you do is talk, talk, talk, how about walking the talk?
All the PKK terrorist supporters posting comments should run back to the caves they hide in before the Turkish army bombs them and their terrorist ideology back to the dark ages where they belong.
Erdogan looks like a Zionist dog in American made jet.
@Ramesh, I've maintained the same idea you have expressed. Iran is spending billions of dollars supporting terrorism all over the world and Turkey doing its best supporting Iran and at the same time threatening democracies like Cyprus, Greece and Israel. I am for total boycott (economic. political, ...
Erdogan is a brave man, on a plane he goes personally is made to pull down on the sky of Syria! The Adimiral Chabanenko waits for it... Mister Erdogan may also to do a less dangerous choice If one puts a red nose and one held from clown the circus of Moscow may give him a good job, the choyse if t...
Ivan Julievich Orlov
At least retaliate !!!
the rameshhh..guy,i dont know why you are so sick but,those countries you've mentioned particularly,turkey,is like the sun coming out in the morning.am sorry but,they seem to me in the near future the will call the shots.good luck to you and your "allied" countries
The regional ?superpower? has concluded it doesn?t want to face Syrian S2A systems and prefers to attack Kurds with their Kalashnikovs! Wise choice!
It is much safer to hit the alleged PKK bases in South Kurdistan, of course. Kurds have no powerful backers like China and Russia as Syria does. Moreover, Syria can seriously retaliate whereas defenseless Kurds can do no more than kill afew unfortunate conscripts.
You can't expect respect if you do not protect what is your's
Good descision. No war among Muslim nations !
Best situation is if Turkey Iran and Syria all go to war with each other and in the end all are broken up (partition) and becoming small countries. Then we will be having peace in the world and free from terrorism. And Palestine terrorists will not be having any supporters and will be having to make...
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