June 26, 2012, Tuesday/ 16:30:00

It seems as if the debates over a Turkish military jet downed by Syria are turning into useless debates as to whether the jet was in international airspace when it was shot down.

However, the basic reality that our plane was wrongly downed by Syria remains the same. Wasting time with all of these useless debates and the Turkish state’s silence in the first eight hours after the attack indicate that our state was not prepared for this kind of attack, even though it is known we have strained relations with Syria and other countries. While speaking about the downed plane, Foreign Affairs Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said: “We will make the Middle East a peaceful region.” Even at a time when we have trouble protecting our own land and planes, Davutoğlu goes and talks about his big projects for the region. This problem of overestimating our power is causing us to not see reality and is leaving us unprepared for these kinds of attacks.