Two elections, one common result: uncertainty

June 20, 2012, Wednesday/ 17:11:00


What is the similarity between the recent elections in Greece and Egypt? The only similarity between the two elections is that they both signal a period of uncertainty. Otherwise, it is, of course, almost impossible to draw a parallel between a democratic Greece and an Egypt that has just got rid of dictatorship.

But the results of both elections are far from providing hope for maintaining political and economic stability to solve the countries’ current problems. The problem with Greece is the economic depression it is in, and the new government does not fill the people with hope that it will be able to overcome this problem. Egypt’s problem, on the other hand, is a political one. It is still not clear whether the first free presidential elections in Egypt will lead to true democracy, particularly after the military interference that came just before the elections. In this sense, although elections are mostly associated with hopes for a better future, concerns over the two countries’ future remain.