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State watchdog: Özal's death suspicious, remains should be exhumed

13 June 2012, Wednesday /TODAY’S ZAMAN
A report by the investigative body of Turkey's presidential palace has found the 1993 death of then-President Turgut Özal to be “suspicious,” calling on prosecutors to investigate the case.

The report by the State Audit Institution (DDK), which is under the direct supervision of President Abdullah Gül, said on Wednesday there has been no satisfactory investigation into allegations by several family members and lawmakers that the death of Özal, who was Turkey's eighth president, might have been the result of poisoning.

The report suggested exhuming his remains, conducting an autopsy and running a hair sample test to shed light on the allegations. Doctors at the time said Özal, who underwent a triple bypass surgery in 1987, died of heart failure.

The DDK launched an inquiry into the former president's death on Oct. 1, 2010 on the order of President Gül in March of that year and announced the findings of its report on Wednesday. The report states the late president's death was sudden as he was not suffering from any chronic disease.

“The sudden death of any president on duty is a suspicious one,” the report adds, noting that the fact that no autopsy was performed after his death was an “eclipse of reason.” The report notes that every single allegation brought forth by Özal’s relatives was taken into account during the investigation.

The report points to major flaws in the handling of the president’s health condition. It said that it could neither be explained nor accepted that there were no paramedics or ambulances on the palace grounds, noting that there were serious problems with regard to the quality of health services offered to the president. It pointed to a large number of other problems, such as the lack of security measures along the road as Özal was being taken to the hospital. His medical records and the list of medications he was on were also not available to present to medical professionals. “Özal’s cause of death remains unknown to this day,” the report said.

Shortly after the DDK’s report was made public on Wednesday, Customs and Trade Minister Hayati Yazıcı said the allegations put forth in the report should be investigated. “Turgut Özal was our eighth president. He has a very important place in our political history and state administration. His death has always been controversial,” he said, adding that although he did not know about the technical details included in the report, if there was any evidence that might support allegations regarding Özal’s death, they should be brought to light. “What matters here is for Turkey to dispel the doubts. I hope everything will come to light,” he stated.

Yaşar Okuyan, a former minister who spoke to journalists while attending the funeral of former Prime Minister Mesut Yılmaz’s mother on Wednesday, said he agreed that any doubts should be investigated, but noted that he did not believe Özal’s death was the result of a conspiracy. “The non-availability of an ambulance, negligence on the part of the people around him and the failure to conduct an autopsy are important points and should be investigated, but I don’t find the allegations that he was killed as part of a plot very convincing,” he said.

In our hearts we all know he was murdered, especially with such circumstances. Where there is a coincidence, there is bad intentions when it comes to the political landscape of Turkey. Turkey is one place where spies, foreign agencies, money, corruption run a muk and hence where hero's are born. T.O...
Soldier Sherman when you say "Our stance" do you believe you represent all the Turks? If you want the truth amost all Turkey provinces are Armenian provinces and not vice versa as you pretend. When Marco Polo visited Anatolia and the Caucasus in his book the Million he referred to those lands as ARM...
Agri Dagian, even if he was a kurd, he wanted no such thing. His priorities around the time of his death were to annex Northern Iraq (I'm not kidding; this is according to the chief of staff in charge of the Turkish military at the time) and to create a pan-Turkic union. Some speculate that these ...
Antifon, yes because Obama speaks Bantu or Swahili to Americans when he is addressing them? Or is he speaking the language of the slavemasters of African Americans? I know you Aegean Ethiopians (greeks) have trouble with critical thinking. The example with Ozal is proof of 3 things: 1) His ethn...
andrew, in the US, russia, EU, etc. anything is possible.
He wanted to recognize the Armenian Genocide and make peace with Armenians that why he was assassinated!
Ethnic Turks take pride in having had Ozal as President and Prime Minister. They site his case as proof of Kurds being equal citizens. They NEGLECT to tell you that he was a Kurd who spoke no Kurdish
in turkey anything is possible
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