Old CRT monitors to be disposed of at car battery recycling facilities

June 11, 2012, Monday/ 13:54:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

Environment and Urban Planning Minister Erdoğan bayraktar has announced that cathode-ray tube (crt) televisions and monitors, which contain many toxic compounds including lead and phosphor, will be disposed of at car battery recycling facilities.

Bayraktar stated that the ministry has decided that old CRT monitors can be disposed of in these facilities after their recyclable compounds have been removed for treatment. Bayraktar pointed out that since some factories producing CRT televisions and monitors have closed as a result of the increasing popularity of LCD televisions and monitors, in addition to the high cost of disposal for CRT televisions and monitors, finding a disposal method for these items has become an important problem not only for Turkey, but also for Europe.

Noting that the ministry is working in cooperation with private sector representatives on this issue, Bayraktar added that the ministry has prepared a draft regulation concerning the improvement of the waste management process for electronic devices from the production stage to their disposal, the promotion of more environment friendly production, and the proper collection and disposal of these products. He also stated that the regulation will set a standard for waste collectors who collect electronic waste.

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