A safe zone to be established in Turkey, US senator says

June 08, 2012, Friday/ 16:34:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

US Senator for Florida Marco Rubio has supported the establishment of a safe zone by the US in Turkey, pointing out that the move could help the Syrian opposition to organize and transform into a more significant power.

“The US should help establish safe zones in Turkey, offer medicine and intelligence, work to unify the Syrian opposition,” Rubio wrote in an article titled “Assad's Fall Is In America's Interests,” published in the top-selling Wall Street Journal on June 6.     

In his piece Rubio notes that in order to settle the Syrian crisis “the US should work with NATO, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar and others to establish safe zones in Turkey and, eventually, in parts of Syria,” adding, “This will help turn the opposition into a better-organized and viable force.” Rubio suggests the US could provide aid in the form of food, medicine, communications equipment, intelligence and logistical support.

Rubio notes significantly that the US should consider the possibility of assigning former US ambassador to Syria Robert Ford to the position of envoy to the Syrian opposition, “encouraging him to engage Jordan and Turkey and to lay the groundwork for a relationship with a post-Assad Syrian government.”

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