A more stylish summer for men

A more stylish summer for men

June 07, 2012, Thursday/ 15:55:00/ KEZBAN KARAGÖZ

We have finally arrived at the end of a very rainy spring. And while women are most likely prepared for the summer months ahead, I wonder about the state of men's summer wardrobes.

Many men are obliged to dress in a more classic style due to the constraints of their work. And though this doesn't present a problem during winter, it gets a bit more difficult in summer. Jackets and ties feel much more different in the cold winter months than they do in the summer.

Men's collections this summer, however, have some very comfortable and chic options. If you do even a brief tour of window displays, you'll notice a veritable explosion of styles and designs of men's shirts. These are dress shirts designed to be worn both to work and as daily wear. There are dress shirts that boast not only wonderful fabrics and materials, but also a lot of detail. There is no question that the stars of the season are all the colorful plaid shirts that feature different designs on shirt collars, cuffs or even pockets. These shirts are lively and colorful enough to zip up even the plainest outfits.

Nehru collars: a season favorite

When summer arrives, one of the first things men who wear ties love to do is to loosen and then remove their ties. Hot weather and ties just don't mix. At the same time though, we all know that a tie is one of the most important accessories for a man. Nehru-collar shirts are very popular this season. These are cuts that high-end labels have always featured for menswear, but there are now several labels priced at a more affordable range that offer these styles for men. I noticed that there are even different kinds of styles and fabrics available currently.

You can always pair a Nehru-collar shirt with a jacket and no tie and end up with a very chic look. Nehru-collar shirts are also a great choice for the weekend and they look great when combined with jeans. These short collared shirts used to be associated with conservative styles, but once they started appearing on the runway, they became more popular with the public. It is actually a little ironic -- if you look on the Internet, you will see this style appear most often in clothing advertized for visits to Mecca (for the hajj or umrah).

Summer's bright colors reflected in menswear

The colorful spirit of summer has even affected menswear. We are seeing men's clothes in a variety of colors and shades rarely witnessed before. We are even seeing red pants, which is testament to how commonplace bright colors have become.

But white articles of clothing will continue to be key items in men's wardrobes, although white suits are something we tend to see from the high-end labels. White dress shirts can be hard to carry off in a fast paced, chaotic lifestyle, especially in the summer. But there is still something very serene about white dress shirts, which are available in so many different forms and styles these days. Don't forget that a white shirt paired with not only colorful coordinates but also earth-toned ones looks chic.