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Turkey calls on international community to unite against terrorism

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7 June 2012, Thursday /LAMİYA ADİLGIZI
Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has called on the international community to come together to fight against terrorism, saying, “We cannot fight against terrorism, unless we join our hands.”

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and other senior international politicians visit Turkey on Thursday to attend the Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF).

According to the Anatolia news agency, the GCTF meeting brings together foreign ministers and other high-ranking diplomats from the European Union as well as from 29 other countries. The coordination committee is co-chaired by Turkey and the US.

In an opening speech during the Ministerial-Level Plenary of the coordinating committee meeting of the GCTF, Davutoğlu said that while all countries are confronting the threat of terrorism, it is an unspoken reality that sometimes we have varying perceptions of threats and national priorities vis-à-vis terrorist organizations and offenders. He continued by noting that the fight against terrorism does not allow for complacency in regards to any particular terrorist organization, irrespective of national threat perceptions or priorities.

Referring to Turkey's past experience of destructive and malicious terrorist acts, Davutoğlu reminded listeners of Turkey's long-standing struggle against terrorism, which has claimed innocent lives in the country.

The foreign minister stated that Turkey cannot fight against terrorism only through military measures. “While the security component of the fight is critical, it is not alone sufficient to obtain the desired result. It is simply not possible to achieve lasting security at the cost of democratic freedoms. Hence, we have to preserve the critical balance between security requirements on the one hand, and democratic freedoms and basic human rights on the other.”

Davutoğlu also said that any counterterrorism strategy, no matter how successful on its own merits, can lead to tangible results only if it enjoys true international support. “Any loophole in this chain and terrorists will immediately zero in on that soft spot and capitalize on it,” said Davutoğlu, adding that counterterrorism strategies should be comprehensive and involve multiple approaches.

Recalling the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) terrorist organization's outrageous and indiscriminate attacks targeting the civilian population, Davutoğlu first extended his deepest condolences to bereaved families, expressing Turkey's solidarity with victims, then underlined the fact that Turkey will continue to fight PKK terrorism with full determination and in absolute compliance with the rule of law.

“We expect full support in this fight from the global community, in line with their international obligations. The PKK should not be able to continue its activities abroad, particularly in Europe under seemingly legal structures and façade organizations. Their continuing ability to do so is an affront to us all,” said Davutoğlu, characterizing the GCTF as signaling international determination to work together against violent extremism and terrorism.

Noting recent advances in the international community's fight against terrorism, Clinton said that the US is backing Turkey in all its counterterrorism efforts.

“The United States strongly stands with Turkey in its fight against the PKK and other groups," said Clinton, addressing the conflict in Turkey that has claimed tens of thousands of lives.

About international joint efforts to disrupt terrorist financing and improve international coordination, Clinton said, “Over the past decade 120,000 suspected terrorists have been arrested around the world and more than 35,000 have been convicted. Osama bin Laden is dead, al-Qaeda cells have been devastated. Our citizens are safe because of the work we have done together.”

Despite the progresses made on counterterrorism, Clinton admits the danger from terrorism remains “urgent and undeniable.”

The secretary of state mentioned the necessity of having a strategic and comprehensive approach to counterterrorism that integrates both military and civilian power and that uses intelligence, law enforcement, diplomacy, development and humanitarian resources. “We need to do more than remove terrorists from the battlefields. We need to attack financing, recruitment and safe havens. We need to take on ideology and diminish its appeal particularly to young people,” said Clinton, adding that improving conditions for women is important as their security is “a bellwether for society's security.”

David uses flimsy excuses to conclude "Turkey is, itself, a part of the problem". He ignores, however, Israel's role in world terror. Apart from providing support for the PKK in the form of intelligence, or executing people abroad, or its trigger happy defence force which kills civilians on their sh...
This picture says, we are in this with the support of Seoudi money, whoever wants a bite get ready.
Turkey calls on international community to unite against terrorism? Is it a joke? Turkey supports Hamas and IHH and helps Iran (the number 1 terrorist country) to break sanctions. Turkey is, itself, a part of the problem.
"fighting terrorism" is a misnomer or a contradiction in terms... a bit like "military intelligence" for one... "terrorism" is a two way street. Its not just the PKK who spread terror - the pilots who bombed the youth of Uludere or the US controllers of the drones that kill people in Pakistan are eq...
tehlikeli yabanci
@musa, LOL, bunch of hypos, all of them.
Wasn't there some guy from the AKP just visiting to "strenghten ties with Pakistan? And isn't there a piece in your paper right now about how "well respected" Turkey is in Yemen?(which we all know is two of the worst training grounds for terror? Once again the esteemed FM tries to recreate the whe...
I am impressed. Will we hear PM Erdogan condemn Hamas and Hizbullah, suicide-terrorists, and critize Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Pakistan, Syria and Iran for supporting terrorism? Or is it the old song saying: "I define what terrorism is. It is the PKK". And always remember: "A Muslim cannot be a terrorist...
This meeting was to decide who to call terrorist next so that each one of the attendees can get on with their agenda. A charade of epic proportions. Look at the picture, Turkey next to the USA as if that corresponds to any reality. What a joke!
Uncle Billy
Korjan, Russia is an actual supporter of Hamas. I'm assuming you are critiizing them on Russian news sites? Davutoglu's statements are correct because Turkiye immediately arrests al-quaeda operatives when the US asks for it. The US and the EU however allow PKK terrorists to roam their streets. M...
Phistook, Turkiye hasn't done any more regarding Hamas than several Scandinavian countries have done. I find it interesting that miserable hillbilly losers like you don't say anything about Russia which actually has funded and armed Hamas.
Phistook, the only terrorist state is israel because it supports kurdish terrorists and it occupies Palestine.
LMAO, isn't TUrkey a big supporter of HAMAS, IHH? Don't they join hands with them? Don't they welcome killers as refugees in Tukiye? Doesn't Erdogan shake hands with killers? Whose brilliant idea had been to have such a meeting in Turkiye? Laughable, Mrs. Clinton, so are you.
Davutoğlu, the inventor of "zero Problems" foreign Policy came with a new joke. Fighting Terrorism. He first needs to define what terror is and who are the terrorist. He is the one that define the Hamas as freedom fighter but defined the Kurds as Terrors. I guess the victim's blood’s is to definin...
wait wait. i can't see Ismael hyena and haled mashaal around that table. don't know them ? they are your FM best friends...well, his is their second best friend. their biggest friend is ASSAD !
How arrogant of Turkey and these other fakes to claim that they fight terrorism when they befriend the filthy Saudi Arabia, the mother and teacher of and fund-provider to all Sunni crazies, and specifically of Al Qaida. Who are you and they kidding when you turn a blind eye on terrorism and terroris...
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