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Health Minister says anti-abortion bill to be ready next month

30 May 2012, Wednesday /TODAYSZAMAN.COM
Following strong remarks by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan against abortion last week, Turkish Health Minister Recep Akdağ announced on Wednesday that the ministry plans to complete its work on a draft bill on abortion next month and present it to the Cabinet.

The content of the bill is not clear, but there are reports that the government plans to decrease the time up to which abortions can legally be performed from 10 weeks to four or five weeks into a pregnancy. Akdağ added that he personally believes that no abortion should be performed unless it is a medical necessity.

Abortion discussions have dominated Turkey's agenda since last weekend after Erdoğan sparked outrage among women's groups, opposition lawmakers and media critics when he delivered two fiery speeches in which he attacked abortion and caesarean births as “secret” plots designed to stall Turkey's economic growth. He referred to abortion as “murder” and added that no one should have the right to approve abortions.

“Whether you kill a baby in its mother's stomach or you kill a baby after birth, there is no difference,” Erdoğan said. He also noted that “every abortion is like an Uludere,” a reference to an incident in December of last year in which 34 civilians were killed by the Turkish military in an air strike near the Iraqi border in the Kurdish-dominated Southeast.

“We are preparing a law on abortion and we will enact this law,” Erdoğan had announced to a cheering crowd at the opening of a new hospital in İstanbul. He did not elaborate on what the draft bill would entail.

Abortion until the 10th week after conception has been legal in Turkey since 1983.    


Just do not be out of line, saying that the C-section is: - what was it in accordance with the PM?!, (It was something ridiculous). C-section save lifes, big time. Educate the population on how to prevent "un-wanted pregnancies".! Is this Bill ready as well(should be)? Let me make it clear, do not s...
Letting religiously and morally bound perceptions aside, as they are subject to an individual's personal perspective, I fear that legislation such as this will force women who cannot afford to travel outside Turkey, to seek abortions outside the medical profession. I have read real horror stories su...
First segregation in youth summer camps, and now this... whats next?
It's the womens own choice, none should interfere in the freedom of choice within the time limit set by the international community. A raped woman who's pregnant won't be able to abort if she wishes...
Abortion, unless necessitated for medical reasons, is an act of murder. Abortion takes life.
This is a woman'shuman right and men should have no say in it!
So, is PM Erdogan going to feed, cloth and educate the children whose parents can't afford to do so? He is constantly encouraging people to have big families, while economic growth is not enough for parents to take care of them.
pro choice
We welcome anti-abortion law.
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