Anti-Hizmet stance

May 28, 2012, Monday/ 17:01:00/ ALI UNAL

The main reason anyone would adopt a stance against the Hizmet movement would be if they saw the movement as an opponent of Turkey’s current (secular) regime.

The reasons they may come up with such an idea could be because the Hizmet movement always keeps its distance from political policies, not functioning under a certain political banner nor with the support of a specific financial backer. This leaves their political ideas or affiliations unclear. However, these are also facts that should not be let go without due consideration: The loudest criticisms against the Hizmet movement are made in terms of the judiciary and the police force, arguing that Hizmet supporters who work in the judiciary and police force are carrying out operations against and trying whomever they like. However, this argument certainly contradicts the characteristic of the movement to stay out of politics. More thought should be given to those who make these criticisms and how they benefit from accusing Hizmet.