Turkish press review

May 25, 2012, Friday/ 14:14:00

On Friday Turkish dailies mostly covered president Abdullah Gül's visit to Apple in the Silicon Valley, Can Bonomo's qualification for the finals in the Eurovision song Contest and İstanbul's bid as a candidate for hosting the 2020 olympic Games.

Several newspapers reported on President Gül's visit to Apple in the Silicon Valley. Apple is the world's biggest company, worth $520 billion. Gül met with Apple CEO Tim Cook to discuss the FATİH Project in Turkey. Gül told Cook that it was difficult to use Turkish characters on iPads. Cook, in return, said he had not been informed of this, adding that he would solve the problem.

Another widely covered topic was Can Bonomo's qualification for the finals in the Eurovision Song Contest. Bonomo will represent Turkey in the finals with his song “Love Me Back” during the finals, to take place in Baku, Azerbaijan. Lithuania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Ukraine, Sweden, Macedonia, Norway, Estonia and Malta also qualified for the finals during Thursday night in the second leg of the semi-finals.

Turkish dailies also reported İstanbul to be the strongest candidate for hosting the 2020 Olympic Games. İstanbul's candidate status, alongside Tokyo and Madrid, drew much interest around the world. Turkish Sports Minister Suat Kılıç stated that Turkey deserved this candidacy, adding, “Turkey is the strongest candidate.” However, Turkey is also a candidate to host the 2020 Union of European football Association (UEFA) European Football Championship, which has caused a conflict as UEFA President Platini has said if Turkey hosts the 2020 Olympic Games, it will not be able to host the 2020 football championship.