Power of cities

May 23, 2012, Wednesday/ 17:11:00

Speaking to the Hürriyet daily, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said: “The decisions that cities like Chicago and New York make affect the future. The rivalry in the future won’t be between countries like the US and Turkey, but it will be between cities, like Chicago and İstanbul.”

He is right. I have been saying for years that national borders, states and regimes are temporary, whereas cities are the ones that determine power-sharing agreements, and even if countries are demolished, the cities will stand strong and lead to new settlements around them. We were saddened by the state of Baghdad more than by the state of Iraq when it was being occupied. But then we thought that Baghdad has survived the Mongol depredation and that Baghdad will exist even if Iraq is gone. Emanuel is not a person that I have sympathy for; he is an incorrigible racist. Nevertheless, what he said is the formula of the past as well as the future.