Flag and opposition

May 22, 2012, Tuesday/ 17:22:00


When I saw thousands of people [Republican People’s Party (CHP) supporters] marching while carrying huge Turkish flags and flags with Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s image on them on May 19, I thought of a quotation from a boxing trainer: “Every boxer goes out into the boxing ring knowing and admitting the probability of defeat.

If you ignore this probability and go out into the ring only to win, you will become so afraid of being defeated that you won’t focus on the fight properly and will lose in the end.” I see in those CHP supporters enthusiastically marching on May 19 the fear of failing to come back to power and the fear of remaining an opposition party. They are so obsessed with going back to the old days when they were in power that they can’t even focus on their role as the main opposition party of this country today. Instead of hiding behind Atatürk if only they could deal with today’s problems more carefully, they could actually become a political power.