Press Roundup

Press Roundup

(PHOTO: CİHAN, Burak Çan)

May 22, 2012, Tuesday/ 17:19:00

The International Odunpazarı Glass Festival has kicked off in Eskişehir’s Odunpazarı district, drawing world-famous glass makers to the festival, in which the art of glassblowing is introduced to the public.

Star: “Let’s forget about Sarkozy and turn a new page,” said the daily in its main story’s headline, quoting President Abdullah Gül, who spoke to his newly elected French counterpart, François Hollande, at the NATO summit in Chicago. Gül said during a meeting that Turkey and France have deep-rooted ties and that Turkey was willing to open “a new page with France,” and the two have discussed ways to reset bilateral ties, strained mainly because of previous French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s firm opposition to Turkey’s membership in the European Union.

Habertürk: “I heard about it afterwards,” said the headline of the paper’s lead article, covering statements made by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Dismissing claims over already having been informed when a military airstrike mistakenly killed 34 civilians last year, Erdoğan said: “We were briefed about the operation just after it was carried out, but we had not had any information about it beforehand. … If we cannot trust our Turkish Armed Forces [TSK] and our police, whom are we going to carry out our fight against terrorism with?”

Taraf: “No NATO intervention in Syria,” read the headline of the paper’s major story, reporting that US envoy to NATO Ivo Daalder has put an end to the discussions on whether NATO will be involved in a military intervention in Syria, which has been shaken by severe uprising for more than a year. Daalder said that “a military intervention in the style of the one NATO carried out in Libya would further militarize the situation” in Syria and that there is no such plan for military intervention in Syria for the time being.