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Bahrain's defense minister praises Turkey's foreign policy, slams Iran

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18 May 2012, Friday /TODAYSZAMAN.COM
Bahraini Defense Minister Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Khalifa has commended Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's Cabinet and strongly criticized Iran's approach in the region.

Speaking to an Anatolia news agency reporter on Friday on the occasion of the second annual Istanbul World Political Forum (IWPF), Al Khalifa said: “Turkey was previously interested in the West, and making an impression to that end. Turkey was not sufficiently interested in the Middle East, but now its foreign policy is so impressive. Ankara has built strong bridges with countries in its region and has come to the forefront. To tell the truth, the Middle East is Turkey's primary milieu. The current government is working extremely well.”

Al Khalifa said Gulf countries would affirm their unity after a summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He added that a union of Gulf countries would not only be between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

“Unity is the priority of Gulf countries; it was at the top of the agenda at the [Gulf Cooperation Council] GCC meeting in Riyadh earlier. The meeting ended successfully, to a large extent, but we did not decide on a union there to provide some time to dispel the reservation of several countries in the region,” said Al Khalifa.

There will be a positive development on this issue in 2012, he stated. The Bahraini defense minister also noted that the consequences of a Gulf union would be very beneficial for the countries in the region. “Regional stability, recovery in trade, cooperation in industry and investments will become reality with this union. To enable this, we have a railway project to connect Gulf countries,” explained Al Khalifa.

In response to a question about the tension between Gulf countries and Iran following Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad's visit to Abu Musa Island, he said: “The problem is due to Iran's attitude. The tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran has been longstanding. Several Iranian lawmakers still consider Bahrain the 14th city in their country. Iran wants to be a regional power and is carrying out an international plot.”

Replying to a question about reforms in Bahrain, the defense minister stated that the Bahraini government is enacting crucial reforms in accordance with the people's demand.

please armenians find different turks other than former marxist terorists in 1970s to support armenian genocide.Turkish society refused communism embrace democracy so these betrayers attack Turkey and turkish people by supporting armenians.Taner akcam was marxist teror organisation leader (his organ...
Regarding Bernard Lewis, whom GeneralSherman seems to admire. Here is a cun'n paste from Wall Street Journal "Last week I asked Bernard Lewis where he thought Turkey might be going. The dean of Middle East historians speculated that in a decade the secular republic founded by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk m...
Lewis Ben
soldier Sher mann Study real history not the fake one written by your Foreign Affairs Department propaganda inventor of facts. The turks are the murderers and the Armenian were the victims! There is a decision taken by the CUP and it was a Genocide, as satated also by a Turkish military court in 191...
Adri Daghyan / Araratian
GeneralSherman lies again when he writes about US " You murdered hundreds of thousands of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan!" Show me any objective souirce presenting a number even close to hundreds of thousands killed civilians. It just confirms that GeneralSherman can not stick to the truth. US ha...
LOL, Saaten Maagar, are you actually trying to suggest that Bernard Lewis, a Jewish-English historian at Princeton University is on the Turkiys government payroll? Where do you get off calling him a "pseudo-historian" armenian? LOL, who the hell is Ayse Gunaydin? See the thing is since I know the...
Tsunami is on it's way to all Middle East, Get ready.
@ G. Sherman, this is what Ayse Gunaysu, a Turk writes: An unprecedented series of lies was institutionalized by the new-born Turkish state apparatus via pseudo-historians who were instructed to rewrite the nation’s history—in the form of the famous Turkish History Thesis, whereby it was “proved” th...
Saaten Maagar
Mr. Erdogan claimed a few days ago that there was no sectarian problem in Syria. How come every Sunni country pretends to praise Turkey and every Shia country condemns Turkey’s policies? Pure luck I suppose.
Mountain Kurd
The Bahraini government is enacting crucial reforms in accordance with the people's demand. I hope these reforms are not one and the same as Assad?s reforms as he claims in Syria.
Torki betting on another old Mule to compete in Kentucki Derbi race.good Luck ...
Agri Dagian, lol, armenians were not "claiming for more rights". They were murdering hundreds of thousands of Turks in addition to other separatist terrorist violence on behalf of Russian imperialists. Shame on you! Bernard Lewis, Cleveland E. Dodge Professor Emeritus of Near Eastern Studies at P...
Mark Edward Croy, "blowing up kurdish smugglers"? The Turkish military has a a civilian casuality hit ratio that the US or israel wish they had! You murdered hundreds of thousands of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan! That numbers probably gone over a million and you can add it to the millions of...
The minister says "To tell the truth, the Middle East is Turkey's primary milieu." NO WAY!!! Turkey belongs in the civilized world, not in the part of the world run by a unhealthy cocktail of dictators and/or religious fanatics. We have nothing to learn from them and should not waste our time on tha...
We are not chaotic
I am agreeing with the comments. True praise is when it is coming from the West and Israel. They are democracy countries and they are knowing what is best for the world.
You know your moving up in the world when the likes of Bahrain are praising you.
No one better than Turkey can support the butcher of Bahrain and teach that small kingdom how to deal with its population. Turkey has a long tradition in dealing with its citizens claiming for more rights, Cfr. The Armenian Genocide. Bahrain could find no better Tutor than Turkey. Shame on you!
Turkey and Erdogan are a joke around the world. While Syria bleeds buckets the largest army in the region sits on the sidelines and watches, occasionally blowing up some Kurdish smugglers. Now, the Defense Minister hosts another butcher by the name of al-Khalifa. Shame on Turkey! The Saudis are runn...
Mark Edward Croy
What greater criticism of a state can there be than its praise by a despot.
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