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Kızılay to facilitate survival of Armenian school in İstanbul

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14 May 2012, Monday /ARZU KILIÇ
The Turkish Red Crescent (Kızılay) will finance the expenses of an Armenian primary school to enable it to survive. The Levon Vertuhyan Primary School, owned by Turkey’s Armenian community, is on the verge of closure due to financial troubles.

Kızılay President Ahmet Lütfi Akar and General Manager Ömer Taşlı paid a visit to school, which has 85 students, on Monday. “We are open to all kinds of benevolence. We learned that this school can hardly survive as an educational institution and decided to help them,” Akar said and underscored that Kızılay does not discriminate on the basis of religion, language or race when it comes to delivering aid. “We will meet the food needs of the school and also help the [students’] families if they are in need,” Akar noted. He also added that in future academic years, Kızılay will finance the annual needs of the school, including clothing for the students. The head of the foundation that owns the school, Monik Ergan, thanked Kızılay. “We are happy to host them [Kızılay officials] here and thank them for their help,” she said. Akar later presented 100 boxes prepared for the needy students and their families.

Nice going, destroy 1000s of churches then rebuild and open one as museum and sell it to the rest of the world of the great tolerance of your culture. Close and destroy 100s of Armenian schools and then send help for one with great fanfare and propaganda on how compassionate you are. When you are op...
Saaten Maagar
Bjorn don't read our comments if you can
Arart is enjoying the sweet taste of bitterness
Ararat tries to explain in nice words how good he can write engrish in a turkish newspaper. respect. The truth is `Kızılay to facilitate survival of Armenian school in İstanbul` and nothing more.
Thank you Turkey, this will help bridge the connections and understandings between two peoples. It is a very positive and promising step in right direction.
@Bjorn, we are here to make sure the news presented here is fair and balanced and, in many occasions, expose the Turkish fallacies and present the truth as we see it. You are being annoyed because you cant handle the truth. Grow up already.
@Ararat, why do you need a Turkish newspaper? Arent there any Armenian newspapers? You guys cry 24 / 7 here on TZ, your annoying everyone, go and take Vdonkey, Avery and SarGAYsian with you.
I wish Armenians' ally and one of the main benefectors, Russia did the same for its own minorities.
I don't see why the red crescent has to give aid to an education institution, they're suppose to spend the money on the poor starving people. Not on some political agenda like this. Waste of money.
As citizens of Turkye, why should they be different just because they belong to a different religion they shouldn't have to beg or go hungary
What a touching story. I mean I am shocked to find out how benevolent Turks are towards poor Armenians. Get real already. They dont need your charities they can take care of themselves without any help from you. Just give them back all the properties and valuables you confiscated and stole from them...
If Turkey had honored its Laussane Treaty obligations, this would not need to take place. This is yet another attempt to keep an Armenian community as a museum piece to show off to visitors, while continuing the attempt to crush Armenia out of existence economically. Keeping Armenian educational ...
Jack Kalpakian
Adolf Hitler did not destroy the synagoge and cemetery of jews in Prague so there wouod be a future tourist attraction about these extinct people. Kind of feels like this.....
its a start, even you give back a fraction of what you took from "the abandoned property" law
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