Altruistic mom dedicates life to disabled kids

Altruistic mom dedicates life to disabled kids

Mother Saide Baysal looks after her disabled children, (from left to right) Yakup (11), İbrahim Halil (16) and Ahmet (18), on her own. (PHOTO SUNDAY’S ZAMAN)

May 13, 2012, Sunday/ 12:56:00/ MEHMET ŞAHİN

We will never be appreciative enough of what our mothers do for us. But Mother’s Day on Sunday is an opportunity for all of us to send a beacon of love to our moms.

One mother who deserves everyone’s praise this Sunday is 35-year-old Saide Baysal, who lives in Adana and has dedicated her life to nurturing her three handicapped children. Baysal has three kids who suffer from muscular diseases, requiring endless patience and compassion. Every day when Ahmet (18), İbrahim Halil (16) and Yakup (11) wake up, she is there.

Baysal, born in Adana, married Ş.K. at age 15 and started a family. But three of her four children have become bedridden because of persistent muscular diseases. Baysal, who had to separate from her husband for various reasons, now lives in her father’s house in Adana along with her handicapped children. She spends the whole day taking care of her kids, bathing, cooking and cleaning. Baysal never leaves the kids because they are unable to move in their beds and barely sleep at night due to extensive pain, yet she gives thanks to God despite her situation.

Noting that taking care of her children takes her whole day, Baysal says: “I have something to do all the time. The kids are unable to go to sleep for long at night. When they wake up, I get them up and wash their hands. And then I feed them their breakfast. They are always on the floor; I am constantly picking them up. Particularly Ahmet, my oldest son, gets numb. They frequently have headaches. I need to change their position in the bed all the time. I never leave them unattended. I have to do all this, otherwise nobody would take care of them.”

While she does not complain about what she deals with, Baysal emphasizes that this is a great test she is facing in her life. “Of course, it is difficult for me. I am not comfortable with this. It is not easy for me to fulfill the requests of three handicapped kids. Sometimes when I raise my voice at them, I feel guilty. But I am always responsive to their demands and needs.”

“I happily stand these difficulties,” the steadfast woman says. “I have no complaints. I thank God for what He has given to me. I am hopeful that someday, a medicine might be invented to cure their disease. My biggest dream is to see them walk and lead their lives without being dependent on others. As a mother, like all other moms, I would like to see them walk, run and live a normal life.”

Stressing that even such a challenging motherhood brings her joy, Baysal says that she feels happy when she takes care of the needs of her children. She struggles to give them the best care possible, and becomes uncomfortable if their bath is delayed for just one day. But she looks to God for support, praying all the time for the strength to take care of them.

Zübeyde, Baysal’s supportive older sister, says that Baysal is a great example of sacrifice and altruism. Admitting that she is upset as a human being about what her sibling has to go through, Zübeyde says: “But I am surprised to see that she has the patience to deal with this situation. Despite the problems she is experiencing, my sister finds happiness in her life. She does not get any sleep the whole night. She has to move the kids all the time in their beds. I am amazed by how she survives.” Even in misfortune, a mother’s compassion prevails. Sunday’s Zaman salutes Saide Baysal, and every mother this Mother’s Day.

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