Pills not miraculous weight loss solutions, expert says

Pills not miraculous weight loss solutions, expert says


May 13, 2012, Sunday/ 12:45:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

Dietician Esra Baş Toktay says that diet pills, heralded by some as miraculous weight-loss assistants, can in fact be very harmful and that the most important factors in weight loss remain healthy eating and exercise.

Toktay underscores that it is in fact only through proper nutrition and exercise that people can lose weight and keep it off.

The time has come to leave behind all those winter days of sitting around at home or at work. This does not mean, however, that it is time to go on a vacation or even tour around town. No, it is time to lose the weight gained over winter. Some people have already begun their quests on this front. Some have headed straight for the dietician’s office to obtain personalized plans of action. However, others have gone for diet pills that promise miraculous weight loss without any work. These pills that you can see advertized all over the place, especially on social networking platforms on the Internet, can be very harmful for your body. Experts note that some of the dangers posed by these supposedly fast-working pills are metabolism disruptions and hypertension.

Dietician Toktay noted that people should not, under any circumstances, trust these pills, which advertisers present as miraculous solutions for weight loss. In fact, Toktay said that some have even died after using these pills. She added: “Many people are actually placing their lives at risk by using these pills. The same goes for the use of incorrect diet plans. There are lots of protein-based diets these days that are very popular, but they can also be very harmful. These diets can trigger kidney and heart problems. Also, since these diets do not bring about healthy eating habits, the weight loss is never permanent.”

Good eating as a habit

Toktay underlined that the important thing for weight loss is to eat healthy food and exercise, and that weight loss can be sustained by the good eating habits picked up in the process. She also pointed to the many diets that are started at the beginning of summer and dropped at the end of summer as being responsible for the slowed metabolisms people experience. She said this leaves people finding they lose weight more and more slowly each year.

Toktay said that first and foremost people interested in losing weight need to believe in themselves and their ability to lose weight, and they need to lose it in a healthy way. Motivation must be kept as high as possible. They should also see a dietician and get a diet program structured specifically for them and their needs, and then stick to the program. She said people wishing to lose weigh should avoid constant snacking and must therefore be careful not to miss meals. They should stay away from high-calorie foods, but if they do choose to consume something high in calories, they use their next meal to balance out their caloric intake. Other important factors she listed include not grocery shopping when hungry and not eating in front of the TV or while chatting. Toktay also pointed out the importance of eating slowly and chewing carefully. She said that people trying to lose weight should make sure their homes do not have entire drawers devoted to snack foods. When people trying to lose weight eat out, they should try to go to restaurants that offer healthy cuisine rather than just fast food. Of equal importance, she said, is that people be mindful of increasing their level of daily physical activity.