Gül to see Kayseri from Google HQ

Gül to see Kayseri from Google HQ

(Photo: AA)

May 10, 2012, Thursday/ 16:56:00/ EMRE SONCAN

President Abdullah Gül will view his home province, Kayseri, through the eyes of Google during his visit to the search giant's California headquarters next week.

Gül will visit the US next week to attend NATO's Chicago Summit, along with many other functions, in what will be a busy schedule. The president, who is well known for making wide use of social media to connect with citizens, will visit the headquarters of Twitter and Facebook in California's Silicon Valley. He has been invited by Google to witness a special demonstration of Google Earth, widely used mapping software developed by the search giant, where he will be able to view the tiniest details of his home province of Kayseri through high-resolution satellite imagery.

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