Poll: 16 percent say gender-based violence at times necessary

May 10, 2012, Thursday/ 16:33:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

Sixteen percent of respondents in an IPSOS poll say hitting a woman is at times necessary.

In the public opinion poll commissioned by CNN Türk on violence against women, 16 percent of those surveyed agree with the statement “If necessary, a woman may be hit.”

People do not think it is good and discourage women from staying out late at night, according to the poll respondents.

The opinion that “women's place is inside the home” is still dominant in Turkey, the poll finds. Turkey ranks only behind India and leads Japan, China and Russia in the prevalence of this concept on women's role in society. The lowest levels of what experts call a patriarchal concept of women's social role rooted in gender inequality are seen in Argentina, France, Mexico and Brazil.

Poll findings reveal a high number of respondents who agree with the statement “If I saw my spouse with another person of the opposite sex in the street, my reaction would be harsh.” The perspective on women's “freedom in society” is even narrower.

Violence against women continues to be a pressing concern in Turkey, where 40 percent of women have reported being exposed to physical or sexual violence.

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