17 April 2014, Thursday
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Monti effusively praises Turkey's EU membership bid

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8 May 2012, Tuesday /AP
Italian Premier Mario Monti says Turkey could give the "tired" European Union vibrant economic, strategic and cultural benefits if allowed to become a member.

Monti effusively praised the Muslim country's EU bid Tuesday in a press conference in Rome with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Turkey's accession talks began in 2005 but have stalled, with EU skepticism over Turkey's bid building as Turkish reform efforts have slowed. Italy has been among EU nations who have long supported Turkey's candidacy.

Monti says Turkey represents an important example of a demographically young, vibrant country on the up-and-up economically.

Ero wrote, "At the end they will let us in because of desperation..." This couldn't be further from the truth. The only way Turkey will get in the EU is through due process. The latter involves meeting certain requirements such as completing accession chapters as per acquis communautaire and contrib...
@I come and just.., If you conclude all these things with the facts i just summed, than you show how pathetic you are. So, what are you going to do against it? Would you like a free coffe aswell? Because i am going to get one for myself right now :D
DutchTurk. But it is perfectly fine to sit and benefit from a health care system, education, pensions etc given you by the Dutch (immoral) Taxpayer? Sickening to see how you just have the mentality of "I have the right to everything and do not have any obligations".
I come and just abuse not give anythign
@Hipo, first of all there are about 7 million Turks in the EU, only 4 million in Germany alone. Secondly the EU has not much to offer for Turkey with the current tendency and prospects. So yeah Turkey would be better of without the EU, it will do more harm than it will benefit Turkey, not hypocracy ...
ero. So you do not want the Europeans to poison the Turkish "morality". But at the same time you find it perfectly fine that around 5 million Turks move to Europe, including you? Hipocracy has never been more obvious.
As a Turk in Europe. I don't want Turkey to enter. EU will poison Turkish society and morality. We will become one of them. At the end they will let us in because of desperation but Turkey should reject because when Turkey needed they rejected us because we were muslim. On all matters Europe is bais...
(Too small and too big) Monti in fact said the "tired" European Union, as it is mentioned in this article. He said «portare un valore aggiunto, economico, geopolitico, strategico, culturale ad un'Europa anziana demograficamente, stanca (tired) e non piena di impulso economicamente». But this can no...
Ararat Araratian
Did Mr Monti really use the phrase " the "tired" European Union "? As for injecting energy in to EU, Turkey's economy is far to small for that. I am not at all against Turkey's EU bid, I think it would be benefitial for both parties, but to believe that Turkey can shake up EU's economy is not realis...
Too small and too big
Mario Monti is 100% right. Turks are much more dynamic and vibrants than the exhausted european citizens, a society of which, the population's majority is old and retired. Turkey can become a leader country of the EU, but Turkey has first to work on becomming more european in it's principles and v...
Ararat Araratian
I thought Turks do not want to join the EU, what happened? Some comments about a Crusader union and such, it is really baffling.
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