Man protected by law on domestic violence for first time

May 06, 2012, Sunday/ 17:04:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

For the first time since a law to protect women and families from domestic violence was passed by Parliament two months ago amid increasing reports of violence against women across the country, a man has benefited from the law when seeking protection from his wife.

M.O.K., a 35-year-old noncommissioned officer, became the first man to be granted protection by police following a decision by a female judge in his favor in a case regarding family disputes, the Sabah daily reported on Sunday.

The couple was married in 2003 but has had serious problems in recent years that led to regular fights, according to the complaint.

According to claims by the noncommissioned officer, his wife, S.D.K., had increasingly insulted him on numerous occasions in front of his son and had even beaten him. M.O.K. brought the issue to the court to seek protection under the law to protect women and families from domestic violence.

The noncommissioned officer showed a prosecutor footage he had been able to capture with his mobile phone that showed the violence to which he had been subjected by his wife during a recent fight. The prosecutor then filed the husband's case with a family court.

A female judge at the İzmir Family Court issued an injunction against S.D.K. If the wife fails to comply with the injunction and continues to harass her husband, she will face a prison sentence, according to the court. The decision was forwarded to the local police station, which is to take the necessary measures to try to prevent another violent act from taking place within the family. If there is another report of harassment, the police will arrest the woman.

Following the decision, the noncommissioned officer filed for divorce with the family court and has demanded TL 20,000 compensation from his wife.

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