Atatürk Airport now more accessible to disabled, elderly

April 23, 2012, Monday/ 18:05:00/ MUSTAFA GÜN

The services and facilities for disabled, elderly and sick travelers passing through İstanbul Atatürk Airport are being revamped to improve accessibility and comfort. TAV Airports Holding has invested in golf carts and wheelchairs, making it easier for the disabled, elderly and ill visitors to navigate İstanbul Atatürk Airport.

The company launched the Accessible Airports Project in 2009 to allow disabled passengers to travel in the most comfortable manner, without added costs. TAV Airports Holding has improved airport facilities both inside and outside the terminal, to assist both physically and visually impaired travelers. To aid the visually impaired, the company installed embossed floors and audible warning systems. For physically impaired travelers, in addition to improvements made in the airport’s parking facilities, toilets, elevators, seating areas, escalators and metro stops, TAV Airports Holding added signs to show these passengers how to most comfortably get around the airport. Ülger Tourism, which provides car rentals and shuttle services, has also stepped up its efforts. The company has refurbished its vehicles with wheelchair lifts to aid elderly, sick and disabled tourists. Ülger Tourism owner Hüseyin Ülger told Today’s Zaman that the installation of wheelchair lifts is crucial for passengers who have a difficult time traveling to their hotels. Due to the very positive response, Ülger said he plans to add lifts to more company vehicles.

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