Hadi: Turkish firms take on strategic projects in Northern Iraq

April 20, 2012, Friday/ 17:28:00/ M. ALİHAN HASANOĞLU

Turkish firms continue their successful operations as they take on the most strategic projects in northern Iraq, says Arbil Governor Nozad hadi.

In a recent interview with Today’s Zaman, Hadi noted that there are many major and professional firms operating in the region; however, the biggest projects are carried out by talented and successful Turkish firms. “These firms take the most strategic projects and complete them quickly while providing the best quality,” he said. On a visit to a project site of Eksen construction in Arbil on Monday, Barham Ahmad Saleh, the prime minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, thanked the Turkish engineers and contractors for contributing to the good relations between Turkey and Iraq. Saleh was briefed about the construction of the largest courthouse in Arbil by the contractor, Veysi Onal, during his visit and said, “We admire the projects being carried out by Turkish firms, which do a great job in a timely fashion.”

Noting that Eksen Construction last month took on the project to build the Arbil Governor’s Office, which will cost $36 million, Hadi explained that Eksen Construction signed the deal for the project despite the fact that there are many foreign and powerful firms who bid in the tender. Noting that Turkish firms have gained the society’s trust by getting really important jobs done in the city, he said, “The presence of these kinds of businesses in Arbil contributes positively to the development of the city and is proof of the economic relations with Turkey.”

Onal also underlined that they are aware of their role in the construction sector, which is one of the main building blocks of development in the city, and said the firm is working to achieve the best results by focusing on even the smallest details.

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