Over 50,000 scored zero on Turkey's university entrance exam

1,837,734 students took this year's Transition to Higher Education Examination in Turkey. (Photo: AA)

April 20, 2012, Friday/ 12:14:00

According to the result of this year's Transition to Higher Education Examination (YGS), 50,805 students scored zero points on the exam, answering all questions incorrectly.

The Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) has stated that 1,895,476 students applied to take the YGS exam this year and that 57,742 did not show up on the examination date. Furthermore, the cities with the highest scores were listed as Burdur, Ankara and Karabük, with Van, Hakkari and Şırnak listing as the cities with the lowest scores.

Results were announced by the Higher Education Board (YÖK) this morning and as well as this year's top-ranking student. Abdullah Coşkun from Konya province came in first among the close to 2 million students who took the test. Coşkun, who attends Büyükkoyuncu Science High School, answered all questions on this year's YGS correctly.

Speaking to the Cihan news agency, Coşkun said he is thinking of studying medicine, adding that he has still not made up his mind about which university he wants to attend. “If I decide to stay in Konya, I would want to go the private Mevlana University,” he said.


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