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Two Turkish ministers on Time's list of most influential people

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19 April 2012, Thursday /TODAY'S ZAMAN
Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and Economy Minister Ali Babacan have made their way onto Time magazine's list of the 100 most influential people in the world for 2012.

Time stated that the list is not an attempt to name the world's most powerful or intelligent people, but rather influential figures who have sought to make a change in the world and have affected many people.

The magazine said that while Western countries are facing economic troubles and the Arab world is caught in political upheaval, Turkey has become a model for economic development and democratization in the region with its resilient economy and strong domestic and foreign policies.

Time's article, written by Ayman Mohyeldin, praises Davutoğlu, stating: “The country's external outlook has been the design of scholar turned Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu. Turkey has been unequivocal in siding with the Arab peoples in their revolts against autocratic regimes. Known for a tireless work ethic, Davutoglu, 53, has embraced his nation's newfound position as a bridge between adversaries.”

The article also states that under Babacan's leadership Turkey conducted reforms in public spending and the banking system before the financial global crises of 2009. Since the reforms, the Turkish economy has grown rapidly and become a model for weak economies easily influenced by global and regional crises.

Mohyeldin adds that these two ministers are part of a new era, asserting: “While Europe remains preoccupied with its economic crises and the U.S. repairs its tarnished global image from costly wars, Turkey is poised to fill the void by remaining influential and active in the Arab and Islamic worlds. This era of what many are calling neo-Ottomanism has been brought on by Davutoglu and Babacan.”

SOME Muslims in the USA integrate and become full respected members of society, while others don't. Just like some Kurds join society and rise to positions of importance in Turkey and others don't. It is what it is. America is so large that we don't really bother with the people that don't want t...
@PupilSherman: what are you babbling about with racist comments about all nations around the globe. Or do you want to be a toilet seller, the only thing the Turks invented so far? Your racist and fascist mentality can only exist in a civilization which is build upon the thoughts and sweat of people ...
@"A Confused man": Well then let me ask you a question my friend? Why don't you kick them out if they don't integrate/assimilate? Im serious! Here in the US, the Mexicans are like many Muslim immigrants in Europe. And I think if Mexicans don't speak English and abuse the system my government (US gov...
American Muslim of Lebanese descent
@ "American Muslim of Lebanese descent" Thanks for seeing my point. The Muslims going to US are overall integrating and are doing well. Unfortunately many Muslims going to Europe are not at all doing well. They are very very over represented when it comes to violence (crime rates for violent crimes ...
A confused man
@"A Confused Man": Unfortunately you are correct. The primary factor separating Muslims living in the West who are "integrated/assimilated" with those Muslims in the West who are not "integrated/assimilated" is "education". Plain and simple! American Muslims are 14% more educated on average then the...
American Muslim of Lebanese descent
@Time magazine, please give credit to Turkish people!
credit AAA
Davutoglu is a laughingstock in Brussels. Time is confusing exposure with competence-you can have a lot of the first and very little of the second. As in Davutoglu.
@ confused man, I have met quite a few American Jews who can love both America and Israel and Europe is full of immigrants from Greece or Serbia who also love their home countries, wherever they live. I guess you just wanted to bully a Turk. A Scandinavian in Brussels
A confused man, what are you babbling about? According to a georgetown study, Muslims in American make $10,000 more than the average income. Why do you assume things about Dutch Turk, a person you have never met? Also, in the US, I personally see christian and other non-Muslim minorities exhibit ...
DUTCHTURK Don't you mean "my country" and "the country that supports you"? Yeah Zero problems with neighbors Davutoglu? So laughable.
Sure Turkey stands out when compared to the mad Muslim and Arab world.
I am happy to see the Turkish politicians as a most influential person.yes, indeed, they deserve all kinds of success award. At last, the world, the west, the orientals, the colonizers, all of them accept the power and success of turkish policy, no chance for them at all. I would like to appreciate...
Turkish citizen
@a confused man, first of all i like and love both countries, one more than the other, but for us Turks living abroad there is difference between "my country" and the "country i live in".
It is sad. DutchTurk refers to Turkey as "our country" despite the fact that he is born and raised in Holland. He lives in a country he has not been able to adjust to, even if he was born there. Muslims in America are refering to themselves as Americans, but many like DutchTurk have not at all been ...
A confused man
Davutoglu your the best!! After i read your biography i was even more impressed. I hope you can serve our country for many many years. We need people like you and Erdogan to make Turkey even stronger, in every sense of the word.
What took Time so long to recognise the superb efforts of these guys ?....They should have received this acknowledgement this time last year !!
Russell Lawrence
I pray that both these men have many years of active life in Turkish politics for the betterment of the Turkish nation. As the saying 'The proof of the pudding is in the eating', look at Turkey today - the envy of Europe!! Need I say more?
Impartial Observer
Wish by God, if our ministers work as assistants to the Turkish ministers, Pakistan will be greaat and prosperous, but they are not the friends of the common man in the streets of Pakistan, who are suffering untold hardships in jobs, health care and education and future of their children.
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