Clips on child beggars, dangers of guns to be aired soon

April 18, 2012, Wednesday/ 15:47:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

Two new short video clips, one about the exploitation of children forced to beg and the other focusing on the possible dangers of guns at wedding ceremonies, are to be aired on tv soon.

Prepared jointly by the Ankara Police Department and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the clips, each approximately one minute long, have well-known figures promoting social responsibility.

In one of the clips, child beggars not older than 10 and wearing dirty clothes ask people for money. When the people move to give them money, a narrator asks, “Did you know that anything you give these children will go to the pockets of the men exploiting them?” The passers-by decide not to give the children money. The next scene displays a popular actor saying, “Children forced to beg in the streets should not be viewed as a problem; they should be our hope for the future.” At the end, the narrator suggests viewers call the 155 police line when they come across child beggars.

The other clip is about how guns can claim innocent lives. It shows a wedding ceremony where everyone is enjoying themselves and dancing. However, during the ceremony, a small child finds a gun which has been put down by a man who used it for celebratory gunfire. The child accidently kills himself while playing with it. Another popular actor is shown in the clip relaying a message about the dangerous consequences of unattended guns and stray bullets fired during wedding ceremonies, saying, “Don't let your happiness cause another's unhappiness.”

The clips were approved by the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) on April 4 and will soon be aired on many TV channels.

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