18 April 2014, Friday
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Nine briefly detained over anti-Armenian banners at Khojaly rally

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18 April 2012, Wednesday /TODAY'S ZAMAN
Following an investigation into the use of racist slogans and banners at a rally in İstanbul in February marking the 20th anniversary of the Khojaly massacre, the İstanbul Prosecutor's Office questioned nine people on Wednesday.

Upon the request of prosecutors, İstanbul police took nine people into custody, including two women. The suspects stated in their testimonies that the banners they held were given to them by other people at the rally, and the prosecutor later decided that all nine people should be released.

Tens of thousands of Turks and Azerbaijanis took to the streets in İstanbul in February to stage what they called “an unprecedented massive rally” to mark the 20th anniversary of one of the most tragic massacres in recent history. Some protesters held banners that featured offensive statement and chanted racist slogans against Armenians during the rally, which organizers said cast a shadow over the peaceful nature of the march. The slogans caused much outrage among the Turkish public.

Azerbaijani authorities say 613 Azerbaijanis were brutally killed by the Armenian military and hundreds are still missing after Armenian troops rushed into the village of Khojaly on Feb. 26, 1992. The attack appalled Azerbaijanis and became a symbol of Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan.

Coward come to Yerevan if you dare
there was 1.000.000 people at Taksim last 26Feb. it will be 2.000.000 next time. maybe we should meet in Erivan.. Ha ?
Bjorn. Despite your nordic sounding name, you obviously have no idea of freedom of expression. You are writing "Freedom of expression should be protected!" Rasist slogans are not allowed on Scandinavia. You can protest against countries, religionsm burn flags etc, but rasism (instigate hate against ...
Styr Bjorn
Nice puppet show... What a democratic and justice loving country peacefull Turkey is !!!!
a travesty of justice!
These raving racists should be jailed for 100 years. OK Armenians killed 613, Azerbaijanis killed 6,130. So, Armenians should lift racist banners every day, right? Instead of talking "peace," these racists try to scare Armenians with stupid, and nazi like banners and attitudes.
Mine Ozcelik Bagrationi
They going to arrest the Secretary of the Interior as well? He issued anti-Armenian racist comments at a recent event.
I wonder if true justice will be served here or will this just end up like another Hrant Dink case.
What a lame excuse by the suspects that the banners were given to them by other people in the rally. I guess all these suspects must have been uneducated illiterates who could not read the sings to know what they were doing. They have learned well from their mentors to claim ignorance when caught. T...
When will Armenia arrest those insulting and burners of Turkish flags? The official ceremony in Yerevan begins after they stepped on a Turkish flag. My Turkish friends your being too good for these people. Freedom of expression should be protected! Just watch an anniversary in Yerevan and all Turks ...
They openly do a lot worse on the streets of Yerevan and other parts of the world and people are being detained in Turkiye for exercising their freedom of speech? AK Party, you're a disgrace!
The person that should be arrested and asked to account for the nature of the protest is Mr. Aliev, the Azeri Mr. Saakashvilli. Having billions of dollars that his clan siphons from his government, he uses for this type of events and buying massive properties in Dubai and elsewhere under his 15 year...
Uncle Billy
They did nothing wrong. Release them all!
Honest and Truth
Another Turkish justice farce sitcom
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