18 April 2014, Friday
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Two soldiers killed, three injured in clashes with PKK

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12 April 2012, Thursday /TODAY’S ZAMAN
Two soldiers were killed and three others injured in clashes between Turkish security forces and members of the terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in Uludere, a district in the province of Şırnak, on Thursday morning.

No PKK deaths were reported. Spc. Sgts. Caner Kesimal and Bayram Tekin were killed in the clashes, which occurred near a military base bordering northern Iraq. Three others were wounded and immediately taken to the Şırnak Military Hospital for treatment.

An official ceremony was held for slain Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) members, Tekin and Kesimal. Following the ceremony, Tekin's body was sent to his hometown of Konya and Kesimal's body was sent to his hometown of Rize on Thursday. TSK forces have since begun an operation backed by the Turkish Air Forces (THK) against the terrorist organization in Uludere.

The National Police Department sent an official letter to counterterrorism units across the country last month, calling on them to tighten security measures as the PKK has recently stepped up its campaign of violence. The letter warned counterterrorism units that PKK members are preparing for simultaneous attacks and said that their primary targets are security forces and police stations. The police department also demanded security measures be tightened in public spaces such as metro stations, shopping centers and public transportation.

The PKK, which is fighting for autonomy in Turkey’s mainly Kurdish Southeast, was founded on a Marxist ideology. Turkey has been conducting airstrikes on PKK camps in Iraq’s northern mountains and inside Turkey since August of last year, following an increase in attacks on Turkish troops and civilians by the PKK, which has been fighting for autonomy for the Southeast since 1984. The conflict has claimed tens of thousands of lives. The group is labeled a terrorist organization by the European Union and the United States, which has supplied Predator drones to assist Turkey.

@R.M. it is not my claim. Turkish Airforce (TAF) denied it and gave their reasons. Their main argument was that the bombs from F16s would have caused damage to the road and the mountainside and created craters. The photos released by the pro-PKK news agency, and subsequently by the TAF, only showed ...
@Baris, Thank you for your civilized response. This way we can at least communicate, unlike with some others on this page. Albeit I must say that your claim that the PKK killed the 7 civilians in question is absolutely hideous. It was a Turkish air strike. Last time I checked the PKK was not flying...
@R.M., let's not get carried away here. Those two incidents you referred to were covered extensively in the Turkish press, TZ included. In fact, the series of articles in the Taraf points to the Kurdish family of 7 being killed by the PKK, rather than the Turkish Airforce (ask Baran who follows Tara...
I don't understand why you are informing the public the number of dead soldiers. I don't observe such thing in other countries.
Turkey got no problem with Kurds, %85 of Kurds are integrated to Turkish society. Last election BDP which is the main Kurdish party got 1.5 million votes. 13.5 million Kurds voted with a main stream parties. Turkey’s problem is with PKK. Not Kurds
@R.M., Thank you for telling it like it is in crystal clear and simple terms that any adult can understand. BUT, the puerile folks like GeneralSherman, Meat
@Meat, You think people who's entire villages are burnt to the ground others who fear the same fate go to the west purely out of choice? Think twice please. Your 'racist' remarks are completely out of context and irrelevant. We can keep calling each other names out of desperation, but the simple fa...
@Meat, You think people who's entire villages are burnt to the ground others who fear the same fate go to the west purely out of choice? Think twice please. Your 'racist' remarks are completely out of context and irrelevant. We can keep calling each other names out of desperation, but the simple fa...
@Meat. Who's the ignorant? The teller or the one being told. I let you think about it.
@RM. You ignorance shows when you state 3 million forced to leave there homes by the army. They have left for economic opputunities in the big developed cities like Istanbul. But i gues ignoranant racists like you who are only seeking destuction ot Turkiye and Islam would be blind to the truth.
I pray for the victims and their families. I pray that the PKK terrorists have the same fate. They are the enemies to both Turks and Kurds.
@GeneralSherman, Both you and I know that the US army did not behave perfectly cleanly in Iraq and Afghanistan. But at least the US army is capable enough to release an official statement issuing an apology when a terrible mistake is made whereby civilians are killed, in addition to cautioning the ...
@Mehmet and @GeneralSherman, Unfortunately, the Turkish media is always silent about matters involving Turkish military cruelties. Let me teach you about two of their recent inhumane acts which will shock and surprise you: 1) In October 2011 a Kurdish family of 7 including two children and a few mo...
@R.M.:You think in other countries they kiss and praise the separatists?
RM, perhaps worthy to mention that the majority of those 40,000 kurds were murdered by the PKK? Whatever you say about the Turkish military, they haven't been as bad as the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan. You prefer we left the kurds in the middle of a crossfire with the terrorrists among th...
if you decide to invade other peoples land you have to pay the price and this will continue for ever if you catch fish you get wet
ali marf
Perhaps worth to mention that the majority of those 40,000 were Kurds? The Turkish army hasn't particularly been an angel in this fight. Never is there mention by Turkish media outlets of the 4,000 Kurdish villages which were burnt to ashes by the army and the 3 million Kurds who were forced to leav...
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