Female postal workers happy with their jobs

Female postal workers happy with their jobs

Female postal workers constitute the majority of Adana Postal Delivery Center personnel. (PHOTO CİHAN)

March 25, 2012, Sunday/ 12:08:00/ MEHMET ŞAHİN

Although being a postal worker may seem like challenging and tiring work for a woman, female postal workers employed at the Postal and Telecommunications General Directorate (PTT) Adana branch say they are happy to be mail carriers despite the disadvantages of their job.

The Adana Post Delivery Center currently employs 116 female employees, 40 of whom are mail carriers while the rest are clerks.

Asiye Gül Alkış is one of these carriers, and has been delivering mail for about six years. Alkış is one of the most popular postal workers in the province as she has many achievements to her name in various sporting events held between her colleagues from various countries. She said being a postal worker gives her the opportunity to meet new people every day as she walks some five to six kilometers on a daily basis.

“We meet new people every day, but this brings along some problems for a woman, too. For instance, we are first to see negative reaction from people who receive court decisions, high credit card bills and so on. However, we get used to such reactions in time,” Alkış said.

Elif Özgül, who holds a degree in public relations, said she joined the PTT based on her performance on the State Personnel Examination (KPSS). She said that although her job does not seem attractive to others, she has her reasons for doing it. “The salaries here are good. As I did not have the luxury to wait to be appointed to another public institution, I chose to be a postal worker. In Turkey’s current circumstances, everyone wants to work for a public institution,” she said. When asked whether she has difficulty in finding addresses, she said, “No.” “We don’t have any trouble in finding address because we are always in the same area. We even learn the life stories of the people living in each apartment. But when we are relocated to another place, then we have difficulty in finding addresses,” she added.

Another postal worker in Adana is Dilek Özçelik, who has been delivering mail for four years. Özçelik’s complaints about her job are mostly about bad whether, when she has to go out to deliver mail even though she would rather stay at the office.

“We have to walk even when the weather is bad and nobody likes to go out of the house. Our job is not as easy as it may seem. I understood the hardships of this job after becoming a postal worker. We meet different people. We need to be psychologically strong to deal with different people. We are sometimes yelled at by the people even though we are at their service at all times. I know we have to act with common sense when something like this happens. I explain the situation to the people using softer language,” Özçelik said.

Hatice Beycür, another postal worker, complains about the reactions of some people they deliver mail to, stressing the importance of being psychologically strong to cope with such individuals. “We are sometimes insulted, unfortunately. There are even some people who push us out of their building because we rang the doorbell when their child was sleeping. If we were men, perhaps we would react differently, but we keep our anger under control,” she said.

Adana PTT Deputy Director Mesut Arslan says there has been an increase in the number of female employees at the PTT over the past several years and that the public is very pleased with the services they offer.

“The postal delivery job is challenging and requires self-sacrifice, but our staff does its job with love. And we are making efforts to make things easier for them. For instance, we send large parcels by vehicle. Postal workers only deliver small parcels,” he said.

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