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Israeli airline requests extra security for flights to Antalya

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12 March 2012, Monday /TODAY’S ZAMAN
Arkia Israel Airlines, which is planning to start flights to Antalya this summer, recently requested the Turkish government provide a flight-specific security area for Israeli flights at the Antalya Airport. The request was rejected by Turkey.

In a written statement addressed to the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Arkia requested the right to begin running regular flights between Tel Aviv and the Turkish resort city of Antalya. The Israeli airline also listed as conditions a flight specific security area, the right to oversee security provisions themselves and the right to use devices of their own in order to ensure the safety of their passengers. “Turkey does not possess any specific security areas at international airports. Why does Israel need to have a specific security area at Turkish airports?” Turkish diplomatic sources contacted by Today’s Zaman said. Diplomatic sources added that such special security areas will not be established at Turkish airports and that if the Israeli airline continues to insist, Arkia will not be allowed to offer flights between Tel Aviv and Antalya.

Relations between the two countries have been tense since the Mavi Marmara incident in 2010. In May of that year Israeli commandos raided the Turkish-owned humanitarian aid ship the Mavi Marmara, the lead vessel of a multinational flotilla, in international waters. A Turkish-American peace activist and eight Turks were killed in the raid on the ship, which was carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza. After the incident, Turkey downgraded its diplomatic ties with Israel.

Planning to offer four to six flights a week between June and October, Arkia would like to have extra security measures in place at the Antalya Airport, which receives 10 million tourists a year. The measures would be similar to those applied at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport. The Israeli airline asked Turkish officials to grant Israeli security officials 20 free passes in order to assist them in providing enhanced security for flights. Moreover, Arkia requested permission to have three security officials headed by an Israeli security manager on call at the Antalya Airport. In addition, they asked Turkish officials to change security procedures at Antalya’s airport to include the widespread use of various X-ray devices.

Arkia Israel Airlines further requested an additional space to run extra baggage and security checks near check-in points and boarding gates. The Israeli airline also added that it was important for them to have private rooms to question or conduct further security checks of suspicious passengers.

as long as the Turkish Government is led by Mr, Erdogan i suggest that no Israeli should visit Turkey. This is not against the Turkish people which welcomes Israeli.
I like @Senol's idea, however I am against any security guard or such from Israel, they can inspect the passengers when they're at the boarding gate, which means the security personel has to come with every flight, I don't mind that.
If I were Israeli , I wouldnt even think of visiting Turkey If the hate towards Israel shown in the Turkish media serves as a reflection of the Turkish peoples sentiment towards Israelis ,the Israeli tourists would be far better of visiting other mediterranean counrtries like Cypruss , Greece, Malt...
John West
This is a very reasonable request by Arkia - for the Turks not to understand that an Israeli airline has special security needs only shows how Turkey really has no interest in improving relations with Israel. Also - most Israeli tourists to Turkey are now Israeli Arabs - so there is also a degree o...
@GeneralSherman-It is sad that Israel and Turkey can no longer get along, especially as they have so much in common; occupying other peoples lands, stealing their homes and farms, responsible for large numbers of refugees, complete disregard for human rights.
Of course the superior Israelis AGAIN want special treatment everywhere. They don't understand that they should be treated as equals to every other nationality as their egos get in the way of understanding simple notions of equality. Shame on the apartheid, fascist, Israeli war-mongers for such nons...
@ Senol where did you read that the Israeli want this for free? Stop inventing facts when you lack reasons for scoldering, your gov does everything to hamper the international understanding between two people who used to live in peace with each other until Turkey did send a ship with violent people ...
So if for example Turkish immigrants in Germany requests extra safety for a particular reason to protect itself from right wing extremes, do you guys they want the German police to say "why do you need extra security? we treat all the same and if you do not like it you do not need to come". If a fel...
Of course they should have protection
If Israel requests for this, I see no problem, but they should pay for it, either charging their customers via flight costs or their government. Since they are asking for premium services, its not for free. Tell me where anything for extra services is for free. Turkey should put this at them. On a s...
Turkish Security checkpoints are no different than the checkpoints in Denmark, France or Holland. And everyone gets the same treatement, if Arkia doesn't like that, then I guess they should stop offering flights to Antalya, it's not like there is a lot of revenue from israelie tourists since Marmara...
@ Neslihan It's all about business, no morals in there. Beside, wiht the exception of some ignorant posters here I have experienced the Turks (in Turkey as well as in Europe) not anitsemitics at all. Actually they dislike the Arabs much more than the Israeli and thats why Erdogan is much more disli...
Shame on you Israelis when you demand extra safety measures in a safe country when your own human rights graph is the lowest among all other countries in the world. Shame on you Israelis when you mercilessly target women, children and peaceful civilians and shamefully demand extra security for your ...
United for peace
Nothing unreasonable about this request. It is similar to how El Al screens in the US, Canada and the EU. So typical of the behaviour of Turkish authorities to a senseable and reasoned request from the airline. Turkey's loss for tourism revenue, and a chance to try and repair it's imagine as a touri...
expat tr
From what I understand from the comments below, some people do not care if innocent civilians who came to Turkey for pleasure are killed. What a sick attitude. We are all humans.
we are all humans
I'd prefer it if no Israeli's visited Turkey ever again. After the Flotilla killings and no apology or compensation to the victims, the very thought of Israeli's having holidays in our land hits a sore point for many Turks.
"Meat" It is better for Turkey tohave Assad frinds as tourist .I didn't see your comments about what Assdm do ,is it because he is Muslem and not a Jew can it be.....
"Erdogan Friend"
as long as they are paying for the extra expenses and charges i dont see any problem with it
Why?, just becaue israel cannot make peace with the people whose lands they are occupying, doesn't mean every airport in the world has to accomadate them.
Thats correct why should Israel have special privledges. They get enough of this in the EU with preferential trade and in the USA where Nazi organizations like AIPAC are exempt from Tax and hold Presidents like Obama to there mercy.
It is written "Why does Israel need to have a specific security area at Turkish airports?” Turkish diplomatic sources said. Is that not the stupidest comment I have read so far in 2012. How can a diplomat, who is working with international affairs, ask such a question?
Why would Israel want to bring tourists to Turkey in the first place? No need to help with their tourism with is already booming with Arabs, hence more dangerous for our Israeli friends.
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