Is the Islamic world waiting for Mahdi?

March 09, 2012, Friday/ 17:21:00

A Muslim intellectual said that “total peace and just order in Islamic countries can be restored with the advent of the Mahdi [the prophesied redeemer of Islam who will rule for a number of years before the Day of Judgment].

 If a new caliphate is established before the Mahdi arrives, it will eventually turn into a modern body of authority or become part of a modern administrative system and will be distorted.” These words made me think this may be the ultimate problem of Islamic countries. They secretly believe that the modern world and its systems are the source of sin and distortion while at the same time believing they are not capable of restoring Islamic order themselves. They therefore end up dismayed and hopeless. I hope we all realize that passively awaiting the Mahdi and expecting everything to be accomplished by someone else while doing nothing contradicts Islamic principles. We have to shake off this lethargy and learn to ensure harmony between Islamic and modern ideas.