Turkish bankers to share know-how with Iraq on gold trade

March 06, 2012, Tuesday/ 17:36:00/ ERCAN BAYSAL

The Turkish banking industry, which has been admired by European and American banks, is planning to share its experience with Iraqi bankers, according to the Turkish Banks Association (TBB).

The Turkish banking industry, which developed new ways of bringing in individual gold savings to the economy, will train Iraqi bankers on how to trade with gold. The scope of the training will be determined depending on the demand stated by the Iraqi government. The TBB has started a study in regards to the training, which will take place in Baghdad and Erbil following a recent visit by an Iraqi delegation of the Federation of Private Banks to Turkey. “Turkey has carried out important studies in trading gold, which is a significant saving tool in Iraq, and we want to benefit from Turkey’s experience,” an official from the delegation said on Tuesday.

Secretary-General of the TBB Ekrem Keskin noted during the visit that the TBB has been working to implement a program that aims to improve regional cooperation and said: “Our purpose is to contribute to Turkey’s regional relations and increase cooperation between countries. We started working on Iraq in particular this year and the Iraqi delegation will notify us when the needs of the industry have been determined.” He also noted that the TBB has provided training to countries such as Albania, Azerbaijan as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina and has also been working on training programs for Syria and Lebanon.

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