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World's first quadruple-limb transplant patient dies

27 February 2012, Monday /TODAY'S ZAMAN
The world's first quadruple-limb transplant patient died after his recently transplanted limbs had to be amputated early on Monday.

Doctors at Ankara's Hacettepe University Hospital were forced to amputate the two transplanted arms and right leg of 27-year-old Şevket Çavdar due to metabolic failure. His left leg had already been removed on Sunday due to similar complications. Çavdar died on Monday night despite what Hacettepe University Hospital said were “extraordinary efforts by 200 doctors and health personnel for 90 hours” to save him.

Çavdar's brother, Hüseyin Çavdar, told the Anatolian news agency that doctors had informed the family of Çavdar's condition. In an attempt to save his life, doctors performed emergency surgery to amputate the transplanted limbs.

Hüseyin Çavdar stated that they had only learned about the surgery at 3:00 a.m. on Monday, after it was completed, but had not yet informed their mother about the situation. Çavdar's half-brother, Osman Gündoğan, said doctors had reported Çavdar to be in good condition following the transplant and did not say there were any negative indications until 11:00 p.m. on Sunday, when Çavdar was taken back into surgery to remove his left leg.

The same team of surgeons also performed a full-face transplant on Friday and reported the patient to be in good condition. The world's first quadruple-limb transplant and Turkey's second full-face transplant were carried out on Friday by surgeons at Hacettepe University Hospital in Ankara.

The surgeries were made possible when the relatives of a 40-year-old man -- who had recently been declared brain dead at İzmir's Dokuz Eylül University Hospital after having been in a motorcycle accident on Feb. 17 -- decided to donate his organs. The face of the donor, whose name has not been disclosed upon the request of his family, was given to Cengiz Gül, who had suffered serious burns in a television tube explosion when he was 2 years old. The same donor's arms and legs were transplanted to Çavdar.

The organs were brought to Ankara from İzmir early on Friday and doctors promptly began the surgeries. “Fifty-four doctors and 128 other health professionals contributed to the operations, which lasted about 20 hours. Ninety units of blood and 120 units of plasma were transfused to the patient during the double arm and limb transplant,” said Hacettepe University Rector Murat Tuncer at a press conference held on Saturday.

when ı saw first time on broadcast that all doctors from Hacettepe , the first thing that came to my mind is ,this is a cheap publicity stunt of the administration of the hospital to race with the others. Being intented to this kind of treat is beatiful but they should not have been reported it unle...
I advise minister of health in Tukey to monitor careless practice of some arrogant institutions and prevent them doing stupid things to just show off at the expense of Turkish people’s life.
How sad this young man gave his life to become a victim of a race between hospitals.I'm no doctor but common sense tells me that after all these years of having no limbs his heart was in no condition to suddenly support four! Transplant techniques have come a long way but doctors need to realise th...
Sooner or later someone was going to pay the ultimate price and sevket sadly did. What makes our doctors think that they could do such a complicated operation when other countries out there with more advanced medication skills will not attempted such a dangerous operation or is Turkey just desperate...
What i cannot understand is the media coverage. This should have been performed behind closed doors. Does the hospital want a successful operation or just looking for international fame by media?
I'm sorry, but to lose a man's life this way is absurd. Whatever the temptations may have been to perform some kind of magical surgery, it is a tragedy to lose this young man's life. Our medical people need to take a long hard look in the mirror.
tehlikeli yabanci
Sad. Poor man had to endure all that for no improvement in his life. Valiant effort on the part of the Turkish doctors though. Amazing how far transplant surgery science has progressed that something like this was even attempted.
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